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Community Foundation Meeting Minutes 1-12-10 PDF  | Print |  E-mail


The meeting was called to order at 10:15 a.m. by President Barb Wilhelm

with Larry Larson and Bob Brandt present.

Co-ordination for the upcoming Groundhog Day Celebration was discussed.

Barb will make sure the town board has the streets blocked off for the

parade. Bob will contact the junior high band and Color Guard people

to make sure they are set for attendance. Bob indicated Mel Giittinger,

Dan Whitney, and Gary Royal would be the judges for the soup

contest held at the Duncan Building. All entries are due by 1:00 p.m.

Barb reported that receipts for the All Fund Drive totaled

$6510. Last year they totaled $5950. A list of the contributions

disbursed is as follows: Unadilla Rescue $1550, Unadilla

Fire $1645, Library $245, Unadilla Area Foundation $1405,

Unadilla Cemetery $235, Handi Bus $65, March of Dimes $20,

Relay for Life $100, Red Cross $50, Alzheimer's $70, Project

Violence $25, American Heart Association $55, Region V, $85,

Syracuse Food Bank $935, and Palmyra Food Bank $25.

Larry stated that he is collecting items

for the Silent Auction. He said that Jerry Friede had donated a

belt buckle that is handmade and one of a kind! Thanks Jerry for

your donation. It was also noted that the raffle tickets for the

.22 rifle are available. Bob is in the process of getting brochures

prepared to advertise the event and note where each activity is

taking place. He also noted that we are receiving $499 from the

Otoe County Visitor's Association. Barb indicated that she would

like a picture of the groundhog shirt to post on the website. Bob

said he would have Barry Brandt take the picture. This picture

was the winner of our groundhog poster contest last year and

drawn by local student, Jamison Bennett.

It was also noted that the King and Queen contestant's jars

are in the Bar and that proceeds will go to the Fire & Rescue

squads. The King nominees are: Glen Isaacs, Joe Kreifels,

Nick Liesemeyer, Marty Ramsey, and Bob Wilhelm. For Queen:

Laurel Kreifels, Lisa Gonzalez, Amanda Dutten, Lori Berner,

and Karla Zahn.

Larry also indicated that Don Ullrich will give a pictorial documentary

on his return to Vietnam after the war. Don has returned two or

three times and will have some very interesting insight as to how the

country has changed since the war. Dick Turpin and Greg Wagner

had to cancel due to conflicts at the last moment.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned

Bob Brandt, Secretary