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Regular meeting minutes 3-13-2013 PDF  | Print |  E-mail



March 13, 2013


The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Unadilla, Nebraska, was held on Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 7:30 p.m. at the Unadilla Community Library. Notice of said meeting and proposed agenda of then known subjects was given by posting in the three following places within the Village: Countryside Bank, Post Office, and Community Center Notice Board; and by serving a copy of said notice to each member of the Board of Trustees more than 5 days prior to said meeting. Trustees present:  Dan Crownover, Dale Stoner, Janet Oelke, Scott Hincker, and Clerk: Barbara Wilhelm. Absent and not voting: Baker. Visitors: Peggy Leefers, Sherry Kreifels and Tyler Kreifels.

Chairman Crownover called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. He reminded everyone of the location of the Open Meetings Act Poster.

Oelke made a motion to approve the February 2013 minutes; Hincker seconded, and motion carried 4-0.

Stoner made a motion to approve the February 2013 treasurerís report, Oelke seconded, motion carried 4-0.


          The amount of the Keno check was $1,845.72

          Water consumed: 849,000; water paid for: 659,000; balance for month:

 -190,000; YTD: -415,000.   

          The Paving project was discussed and Pavers Inc. was awarded the bid.         In regards to Schoolhouse items: replacing Chair quotes were tabled until next meeting.

          There were no public comments.


                    Leefers memorial sidewalk was discussed.  The sidewalk will go from the pavilion to the restrooms.  Plans will be to complete it in April.

March 13, 2013   page 2

          Unadilla Day (6-22-2013) plans were discussed. Clerk reported she had booked the SE Community Band for 1 hour and contacting the Lilí Tuggers Tractor Pull. Clerk will contact Dan Masters about the catering and Cassie Royal about the sand volleyball tournament. The horseshoe pitching contest was also discussed as well as the water slide.

          Unadilla Clean-up Day was discussed for the week following the BBQ.

          TR Mark wine tasting for April 6th and The Bar was approved for a SDL for the Hinrichsen wedding reception on April 27.  Hincker made a motion to approve both, Stoner seconded, motion carried 4-0.

          The poles and rip/rap for the sewer ponds were discussed.  Jeff Vogt was called to see his opinion to see if we needed to add more.  His thought was if our budget would allow each year to add more.  The pole was fine for him to read the water level.

          Discussion was made on the administering of a possible grant award to the Fire Department.

The following claims were reviewed for March payment:

5181           Barb Wilhelm                wages/82                        1010.90

5182           Corinne Zahn                wages/69.5                              611.83

5183           Dwight Kastens            wages/133.5                 1511.09

5184          Sheena Kastens           wages/5.5                          55.00

5185                    Dan Crownover            wages                                69.26

5186          Janet Oelke                   wages                                46.17

5187           Sharon Baker                wages                                46.17

5188           Scot Hincker                 wages                                46.17

5189           Seneca Sanitation                                              2075.75

AWD          IRS                               941 tax                           724.27                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            941 tax                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             686.23

5190           N.C. Utilities                                                        2690.19

5191           Windstream                  office phone                     61.45

AWD          OPPD                           water                                 16.53                        

5192           RWD#3                         water                             2075.35

AWD           NE Dept of Rev            sales tax                         

AWD           NE Dept of Rev            SWH

5193          Zito Media                     his                                     88.07

5194          Arliss Wassenburg      reissue Dec. ck               47.17

5195          Westover                      rock                               1273.71    

5196          JEO                               Str project                     1750.00

5197          Allied Insurance            Zahnís Bond                    100.00       

5198          TR Mart                         water/str                         338.25

March 13, 2013   page 3

5199          NE PHE Lab                 water                                           14 .00

5200          One Cell                       hotline                                            1.50

5201           Mary Hanke                   QuickBooks                           150.00     

5202          Kastens Elect.              SH                                              78.00  

TOTAL                                                                                          15,137.86

Hincker made a motion to approve bond interest payments in the amounts of $525.00 for ď03 and $6,483.75 for the í09.along with all other claims, Oelke seconded, and motion carried 4-0.

The list of delinquent water and sewer patrons was reviewed. Ron Isaacs, Dale Stoner

In correspondence, Gym floor quotes were reviewed.  Stoner made a motion to approve the water base finish, Hincker seconded, motion carried 4-0.     

Sign estimates from WriteTime were reviewed and approved for the Community

Center (the board will pay for all fees over $2,000.00)

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Next meeting: 4-10-13


                                                                             Village Clerk-Treasurer





A complete and current copy of these proceedings is available for

inspection at the Village Office during normal business hours.