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Unadilla Area Fund Minutes 10-8-2013 PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Unadilla Area Foundation Meeting Minutes


                The Foundation meeting was called to order by President Barb Wilhelm with all members present (Bob Brandt, Donna Crownover, Larry Larson, Peggy Leefers, Barb Wilhelm, Maureen Vogt and Corinne Zahn).  Visiting the meeting were Roland Rodaway, who was celebrating his birthday, and Greta Leach, a Nebraska Community Fund representative.  Greta indicated that she would like the adversary members to attend the November 7th annual meeting, which will be held at the Lied Center in Nebraska City.  A table of eight has been reserved for our members to attend. 

                The minutes of the last meeting were approved without any additions or corrections.  Bob indicated that the treasury had a total of $37,741.40 of which $3,370.97 is the endowment fund for the Community Center.   This will be used for improvements and maintenance of the Community Center in the future.  The committee is still considering long-term goals in this regard. 

                A discussion was made in regard to the All Fund Drive.  Barb will submit a solicitation letter for approval and we will meet on October 29th to make sure that the letters are mailed by November 1st, so that all proceeds can be returned by December 1st.  An additional category will be added this year, which represents donations to the Fire Department to upgrade their emergency response truck for grass fires and other emergencies. 

                Bob indicated that the Unadilla Merchants will contribute the balance of their funds, $3,926.52 to be used for community improvement and promotion.  This would be on-going advertising for the BBQ and Groundhog’s Day, in addition to signage and other related improvements to support making Unadilla a better place.  Business’ who continue to donate to the Unadilla Area Fund will continue to have their names listed as sponsors in all related advertising.  Bob also made a motion to approve the Statewide Arboretum membership for $100.  It was noted that we had received a grant of over $8,000 for our Main Street Streetscape, which was funded through this entity.  Motion was seconded by Larry.  Motion passed all voting yea. 

                Bob indicated that there were some trees available in regard to the ReTree Nebraska program for memorial trees in the park.  Bob will was instructed to pursue planting of these trees and coordinate this with the Village. 

                A discussion was made in regard to the Burr Community sub account.  Currently their sub account in the Unadilla Area Fund has a balance of less than $1,500.  They are considering starting their own fund since they have received a sizeable donation from the Kenneth Beckman Estate. 

                Peggy Leefers pointed out that the public is always welcome to the fund meetings.  Anybody with suggestions can contact any individual member, or come to the meeting and present their proposals.  They can get on the agenda by contacting anyone of the advisory committee members. 

                The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 29, 2013.


                                                                                                                                Bob Brandt, Secretary