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Sun Apr 22
Park Shelter Reserved - Barry Brandt
Sun Apr 22 @02:00 - 04:00PM
Ballfield - Knox team
Sun Apr 22 @05:00 - 08:00PM
Ballfield - Starzec team
Sun Apr 22 @12:00 - 02:00PM
Ballfield - Jeri Beckman
Mon Apr 23 @05:45 - 07:00PM
Gym - Kristen Walters Boot Camp
Mon Apr 23 @06:00 - 08:00PM
Ballfield - Brandt
Tue Apr 24 @05:00 - 08:00PM
Ballfield - Starzec team
Tue Apr 24 @09:00 - 11:00AM
Library Open
Wed Apr 25 @05:45 - 07:00PM
Gym - Kristen Walters Boot Camp
Wed Apr 25 @06:30 - 08:30PM
Ballfield - Jeri Beckman

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Newsletter 12-23-2015 PDF  | Print |  E-mail

 Santa on_the_fireplace_450







Follow Santa's Progress

Official NORAD Santa Tracking

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)


The Best Technology Available to assist in Tracking

the progress of Santa as he travels from the North Pole to Nebraska!



Book Club_reading

The Books & Brew Book Club met last Tuesday,

December 15, with 5 members present. Everyone read a

different book by Sandra Brown, and they received mixed

reviews. Some members also read a "Christmas" book.

Holiday treats and cookies were exchanged. The next

meeting will be on Tuesday, January 19, 10:00 a.m. at the

Community Library. Members will read any title by Fern

Michaels. Join us if you can!



Santa in_wreath

This warm weather just won't let go and all the 

weathermen say there's only a slight chance of snow.

Where can we go for a white Christmas? Where ever

YOU go, please be safe in your travels!

Santa delighted lots of little children this past Saturday

morning at the Duncan Building. Their faces are such a

treat! He also brought lots of presents and cookies.

December 2015_011_500

December 2015_019_500

December 2015_020_500

December 2015_028_500


My husband doesn't really like to go shopping but he

indulges me every year about this time, even taking a

day off work. Trying to get completely done, I think it

was too much for him. When he said, "I saw a friend

outside I'd like to talk to" this isn't what I expected!

Bob talking_to_Abe_Lincoln_backdoor_of_Scheels


Christmas Stocking

12-24   Doni Stoner, Mary Ann Wenninghoff,

Gavin Baker

12-26   Rose Duncan

12-27   Maggie Lechner Wurtele

12-29   Wyatt Petersen, Sharon Baker



Friday, 12-24-1915, The Otoe Union:

Dan Stilwell had a horse that was 31 years old.

Fred Wallen's went to McLean, Texas, where they would

spend the winter. M. Kline purchased the Everest property

across from the Bank and moved from the farm. Clinton

Pratt had his arm broken "by the engine of his automobile

back firing and reversing the crank suddenly." Apparently

this happened quite often and a club was formed!




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Legion Xmas_2016_500

Lofte Season_Tickets_500



554987 564446506951366_394231885_n

9-5   BYU (ABC) - LOST

9-12   South Alabama (BTN) - WON

9-19   At Miami  (ABC/ESPN2) -LOST

9-26   Southern Miss -WON

10-3   At Illinois - LOST

10-10   Wisconsin - LOST

10-17   At Minnesota -WON

10-24   Northwestern - LOST

10-31   Purdue -LOST

11-7    Michigan State (ABC) - WON

11-14   At Rutgers -WON

11-27   Iowa -LOST

12-26   Foster Farms Bowl Game