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Groundhog Day 2017 PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Do you remember seeing the drone overhead during

the Groundhog Day parade? Here's the link - enjoy!

Groundhog Day 2017

2-2-2017 007_500


Bob Brandt, Brody Brandt and "Bill"

2-2-2017 003_500

True believers enjoy a hearty breakfast at The Bar (2-2-2017)

Rolalnd Rodaway_Shirley_Fensler_500

2014 King Roland Rodaway & 2016 Queen Shirley Fensler

(Photo: Bob Brandt)

Ghog 2017_001_crop_500

Husking Hooks & farm memoriabilia collected by Gene West

History Room

Ghog 2017_006_crop_500

Corey Schulze operates one of the trains much to the children's


History Room

Ghog 2017_007_500

Ghog 2017_009_500

Ghog 2017_008_500

Cindi Bassinger & family view displays in the Veterans Room

Ghog 2017_005_crop_500

Silent Auction items in the Gym

Ghog 2017_012_crop_500

This year's speaker, Regan Anson, talked about the upcoming

Nebraska 150 Celebration, Nebraska trivia & history, and answered

questions from the crowd.

Ghog 2017_030_500

Heartland Nuts 'N More had a booth in the Duncan Building with

all kinds of nuts and products made with nuts.

Ghog 2017_013_crop_500

Contest Judges: Jason Hurt, Aaron Rule & Gabe Meints

Organizers: Matt & Michele Capps

Spam Division: 1st - Nancy Gerking, 2nd - Nina Jean Rohlfs

Veggie Soup Division: 1st - Nina Jean Rohlfs, 2nd - Chuck Porter

Chili Division: 1st - Steve Cooper, 2nd Arlin Rohlfs

Jerky Division: 1st - Harper Wilhelm, 2nd - Presley Wilhelm,

3rd - Reagan Wilhelm

IMG 2879_281

Raffle Crew at the Duncan Building

Maureen Vogt, Jill Vogt Cox, Harvey Cox

Winners: Samantha Hoy & Melissa Boldt

(Photo: Bob Brandt)

Ghog 2017_028_500

Right before the parade started, a couple from Lakeland, Florida,

renewed their wedding vows. Later they rode in the parade.

Groundhog #1, Bride, Kathy Shane, Unadilla Bill, witness,

Groom, Allen Shane, Groundhog #2, and Pastor Sandy Denton,

who performed the ceremony.

Pre parade_conference_500

Pre-parade conference: Senator Dan Watermeier, Dawn Dettmer,

Brett Dettmer, Gov. Pete Ricketts

(Photo: Bob Brandt)

Color Guard_2017_500

Legion Post #100 & VFW Post #5547 Color Guard: Keith Goering,

 Eldon Halm, Lyle Gartner, Bob Wilhelm, Jerry Goering

(Photo: Amy Bryan)


2017-02-04 15.24.10_500


Unadilla Village Board: Janet Oelke, Lynn Schomerus, Dale Stoner,

Scott Hincker, Chairman Dan Crownover

Ghog 2017_044_500

Gov. Pete Ricketts & wife Suzanne

Ghog 2017_046_500

Senator Dan Watermeier

2017-02-04 15.24.55_crop_500

Otoe County Commissioner Dean Speth

and daughter Kathryn Romine

Also participating in the parade but blurry photographs:

Cub Scout Pack #337 of Syracuse & Unadilla

Syracuse Girl Scouts Troop #20579 & Troop #20835

Ghog 2017_052_500

2016 Royalty: Queen Shirley Fensler & King Tom Hruby

ride provided by the Ron Zeiger family

Ghog 2017_056_500

The Official Car of Groundhog Day - the Falcon! Introduced on

Groundhog Day in 1962. Driver: Bob Brandt

Ghog 2017_059_crop_500

Candy Grab at the Parade

Ghog 2017_060_500

Chasing more candy!

Ghog 2017_062_500

Groundhog Central Committee members Larry Beers & Dale Henke

This Falcon has been in every single Groundhog Parade!

Ghog 2017_063_crop_500

Jeannie Steinkuhler in her 1962 Ford Falcon Futura

"The Cadillac of Falcons!"

Ghog 2017_066_500

Village Street Department Truck

Dwight Kastens & Harlee Snyder

Ghog 2017_067_500

Clean up after your groundhogs!

Arlin Rohlfs

Ghog 2017_068_500

Steve Schutz

Ghog 2017_070_500

Attendees with Groundhog Birthdays

1962 Cadillac driven by Paul Wallman

Ghog 2017_072_crop_500

Giant Pumpkin Contest - Duane & Allyson Hansen

Last year Duane had a 550 lb pumpkin

(Unadilla Pumpkin Contest in the Fall!)

Ghog 2017_076_crop_500

1983 Buick Riviera Convertible driven by Jeff Knapp

Central Nebraska Auto Club

Ghog 2017_077_crop_500

1960 Edsel "Ranger" driven by Andrew Cean

Ghog 2017_080_crop_500

Nitty Gritty Gas & Thrift

1995 Mustang Convertible/Dan Anderson & Jane Lewis

Ghog 2017_081_crop_500

Otoe County Relay For Life

Syracuse will host the 2017 event in the Kimmel and Fair Ground

area on Saturday, 6-3, 6 - 10 p.m.

Ghog 2017_086_500

Syracuse Germanfest

Burgermeister: Doug Beach

King & Queen: Ron & Diane Hawkins

Lil' Miss Germanfest: Lauren Brehm

Ghog 2017_089_crop_500

Hollman Angus Farm, Martell, NE

1991 Jeep Wrangler/ Rold Hollman & Ryan Draus

Raising registered Angus since 1960/ Marine Corp Veteran

Ghog 2017_091_crop_500

"Freedom - I Salute You"

1984 Duece 'N Half/ used in Desert Storm/Restored in 2012

Driven by Army Command Sgt. Majors Greg McBride 

& Troy Johnson

Ghog 2017_093_crop_500

"Freedom 2 - Salute 2 You"

1991 Duece 'N Half/ featured in the move "Doomsday" and the

National Geographic Special "Freedom"

Driven by retired Lt. Colonel Keven Bricker

Ghog 2017_097_500

"75 Big Red"

1975 Ford F-250/Jeremy Wilhelm, Jay Young, Nick Wilhelm

Frame-off restoration completed by Chuck Bjork in 2016

Ghog 2017_100_500

1955 Ford Thunderbird/Bill & Sharon Davis

68,500 miles, 200 hp, V/8, original; convertible top 

removes fiberglass/ repainted 15 years ago

Ghog 2017_103_500

Cornhusker Model A Ford Club

1930 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan

Robert & Judy Callaway

Ghog 2017_105_500

Cornhusker Model A Ford Club

1931 Ford Model A Tudor

Jeff & Debbie Thomas

Ghog 2017_106_crop_500

Cornhusker Model A Ford Club

1931 Ford Slant windshield 4 door/early V8 drivetrain

Jim Cook

Ghog 2017_108_crop_500

1929 Ford Model AA/Commercial 1 1/2 ton capacity truck

Dave Allder

Ghog 2017_109_crop_500

Mystery "Hog" Rider

(Andrew Kimbell)

Ghog 2017_110_crop_500

1938 Buick Special/All original

Ghog 2017_112_500

Steve & Easton Cooper

Ghog 2017_113_crop_500

1987 Aero Coupe

Ghog 2017_115_500

Slow Rollers Automobile Club of NW Missouri

2013 Ford Mustang GT

Ghog 2017_117_crop_500

1929 Ford Model A Phaeton

Chad Barnau

Ghog 2017_119_crop_500

1930 Auburn/suicide doors

John & Greg Wilson

Ghog 2017_123_500

1932 Franklin 163 driven by Roger Newby

Ghog 2017_126_crop_500

1919 Franklin Ragtop 9B Touring Car

John Wilson, Sandy Denton, Allen & Cathy Shane

Ghog 2017_128_crop_500

1929 Franklin 135 Touring Car

Alice & Craig Rohrson, Leanne Wilson

Ghog 2017_131_crop_500

1932 Dodge DL driven by Gayle Lanning

Ghog 2017_133_crop_500

1932 Chrysler CI driven by Carlton Flynn

Ghog 2017_135_500

1930 Oldsmobile F30 driven by Bob Bryan

Ghog 2017_138_crop_500

1930 Auburn 6-85 driven by Steve Jones

Ghog 2017_142_crop_500

1927 Ford TT driven by Jason Newby

Ghog 2017_145_500

Meadowlark Ford Model A Club

1930 Ford Coupe driven by Dale Jergensen

Ghog 2017_147_crop_500

1963 White Chevy Impala/Carl Siefert, Bennet

Ghog 2017_149_crop_500

Meadowlark Ford Model A Club

1931 Ford Model A 4dr Touring Sedan driven by Charlie Earnest

Ghog 2017_151_crop_500

Meadowlark Model A Club

1930 Ford Model A/200 ci/80 hp/John Ladely

Ghog 2017_153_crop_500

Unadilla Volunteer Fire & Rescue driven by Tyler Crownover

Ghog 2017_155_500

Unadilla Ambulance driven by Linda Liesemeyer

Ghog 2017_158_500

Unadilla Volunteer Fire Department

Ghog 2017_161_500

Unadilla Volunteer Fire Department

Ghog 2017_164_500

Unadilla Fire Chief Steve Vodicka

Ghog 2017_166_500

Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department

Jess, Ryan & Emma Kirckhoff

Ghog 2017_168_500

Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department

Tim, Riley, & Rory Seelhoff

Ghog 2017_171_crop_500

Kent Baker driving Sam, 8 years old

Dean Luff riding Bird, saddle mule, 26 years old

Ghog 2017_172_500 

2017-02-04 15.38.20_500

Gov. Ricketts congratulates the Color Guard on a job well done.

Jerry Goering, Bob Wilhelm, Gov. Ricketts, Lyle Gartner,

Eldon Halm, Keith Goering

Ghog 2017_175_500

Governor Ricketts proclaims Unadilla as the

"Groundhog Capital of Nebraska"

Ghog 2017_183_crop_500

2017 Queen Carolyn Gartner Kastens

2017 King Mike Leefers

This contest raised $3730. for the Unadilla Area Fund, 

the Fire Dept. and the Rescue Squad

Ghog poster_500

Flea Market_Flyer_500



Have you voted for the Groundhog Royal couple yet? King candidates are: Arlin Rohlfs, Will Juilfs, Mike Leefers, and Chad Lutjemeyer. Queen candidates are: Carole Lashley, Carolyn Kastens, Nikki Lutjemeyer, and Jane Lewis. 

The Groundhog Central Committee will sponsor a potluck breakfast on Thursday morning, February 2, at The Bar. Unadilla Bill will be on hand for the official broadcast at 7:32 a.m. (Actually, it's 7:32 plus 34 seconds!). Everyone please wear groundhog attire, and encourage your friends to come.

That evening from 5 -8 p.m., The Unadilla Area Foundation will sponsor a Groundhog Kings & Queens reception and reunion, at The Bar. Snacks will be provided and B103.1 will have a live remote broadcast. Bring a friend. Commemorative shirts and hats will be available at this event and some will be given as door prizes!

This year's parade will start at 2:00 p.m. Please notice the time change! Start lining up by Dan's Tire at 1:30 p.m. Thanks for your participation in advance.