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Sat Nov 17
Gym - Craft Fair
Sat Nov 17 @09:00 - 11:00AM
Library Open
Sat Nov 17 @09:00 - 11:00AM
Resource Room - OCGS meeting
Sun Nov 18
Gym - Barb Lamb
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Methodist Church Lord's Acre Day
Wed Nov 21
SDA early dismissal
Wed Nov 21 @04:00 - 08:00PM
Gym - Jill Cary

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Bob Brandt Photo Collection PDF  | Print |  E-mail


 Bank of_Unadilla_500

Bank of Unadilla & Duncan's Store

shortly before the Fire of 1911

Main Street_1987_001_500

Main Street in 1987

Bank Time_Capsule_1982_001_500

George Brandt_2_001_500

George Brandt

Alberta Block_George_Brandt_Lois_Wellman_84th_BD_001_500

George Brandt, Alberta Block, Lois Wellman

Bank girls_Brody__Geo_Brandt_001_500

June Tipken, Lois Wellman, Alberta Block, Bonita Wiebke,

Nancy Gerking, Barry Brandt, George Bandt

June Tipken_001_500

June Tipken

Nancy Gerking_Alberta_Block_in_bank_vault_001_500

Nancy Gerking & Alberta Block

Alberta Block_becomes_Notary_Public_1987_Bob_Brandt_001_500

 Bob Brandt congratulates Alberta Block on 

becoming a Notary Public

Sonya Achen_Bob_Brandt_Horstmans_Cafe_001_500

Sonya Achen & Bob Brandt

Geo Brandt_Lew_Callaway_1980_001_500

George Brandt & Lew Callaway

Geo Schoder_1964_Ford_340000_miles_1981_001_500

George Schroeder's 1964 Ford Pickup/340,000 miles

Guy Kimbell__Bill_Callaway_001_500

Guy Kimbell & Bill Callaway

Ghog Day_1990_Bob_Brandt_back_of_bike_001_500

Groundhog Day 1990/ Bob Brandt on the back

Jim _Dwight_Eisenhauer_001_500

Jim & Dwight Eisenhauer

Glen Fentiman_Norm_Clark_Vern_Wilhelm_001_500

 Glen Fentiman, Norman Clark, Vern Wilhelm

Lew Callaway_Harry_Stubbendeck_Sr_Erich_Beckard_1987_001_500

Lew Callaway, Harry Stubbendeck, Sr., Erich Beckard

Harry Stubbendeck_Sr_Clarence_Kastens_Fred_Brummer_John_Brummer_001_500

Harry Stubbendeck, Sr., Clarence Kastens, Fritz Brummer,

John Brummer

Harry Stubbendeck_Sr_in_Bank_001_500

Harry Stubbendeck, Sr.

John Brummer__KC_Stoner_1980_001_500

John Brummer & K.C. Stoner

KC Stoner_Fritz_Riege_001_500

K.C. Stoner & Fritz Riege

KC Stoner_Fritz_Riege_Virgil_Shields_001_500

K.C. Stoner, Fritz Riege, Virgil Shields

KC Stoner_Maurice_Sasseen_Fern_Fields_001_500

K.C. Stoner, Maurice Sasseen, Fern Fields

KC Stoner_Rose_Brandt_001_500

K.C. Stoner & Rose Marie Brandt

KC Stoners_88th_BD_001_500

K.C. Stoner on his 88th birthday

Norm Clark_Jack_Stilwell_Lydia__Alfert_Conradi_001_500

Norman Clark, Jack Stilwell

Patty _Mary_Jane_Engelbrecht_1984_001_500

Patty & Mary Jane Engelbrecht "Been Fishing"

Ray Doeden_Norm_Clark_Todd_Zahn_Randy_Crownover_001_500

Ray Doeden, Dwayne Witt, Todd Zahn, Randy Crownover

Ron Wenninghoff_KC_Stoner_Marvin_Royal_Ron_Conradi_001_500

Ron Wenninghoff, K.C. Stoner, Marvin Royal, Ron Conradi

Denny Rasmussen_Bill_Vogt_500

Denny Rasmussen & Bill Vogt

Jim Eisenhauer_Hantz_Gartner_500

Jim Eisenhauer & Hantz Gartner


Back: Wayne Heather, Todd Zahn, Jason Morrissey, Dave

McWilliams, Jay Weiler, Bob Brandt

Front: Doug Ebert, Lynn Schomerus, Keith McWilliams,

Perry Stoner, Mark Czapla, Brett Fritch


(Thanks Perry Stoner for filling in the blanks!)