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6-11   Fire & Rescue meeting

6-13   Village Board meeting

6-23   City Wide Garage Sales & BBQ


Megan Dawn Rowlett, daughter of Don & Karen Rowlett, graduated in a class of over 400 from Fort Collins High School in Colorado, May 26th. Attending from Nebraska were Dean & Helen Rowlett, Jon, Teresa, & Katie Miller, Jeanette, Holly, and Tanner, David & Amy Stilwell, and John & Gera Stilwell. Three cousins graduated in May: Holly Hanau from Palmyra High School, Meagan Rowlett from Fort Collins High School, and Taylor Rowlett from Lincoln Southwest.



Congratulations to Vince Hinrichsen & Jessica Geier, who will be married June 16 at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Vince's parents are Dale & Patricia Hinrichsen of Burr, and Jessica's parents are Randy & Kathryn Geier of Elm Creek.



The SHS Class of '67 met Sunday afternoon in the Duncan Building. Coming the farthest was Mark Pickerill, Seattle, WA. Bob Brandt, class president, encouraged us to tell what we'd been doing since our last reunion; there was lots of laughing and a few, but just a few, tears. Those who made it: Bob & Barb Brandt, Judy Stoner Pope, Karen Baldwin Hansen, Norene Kimbell Steele, Nancy Holscher, Sue Morrissey McKenzie, Dan Fentiman, Bill Formanack, Ron Fechner, Jan & Ralph Maloy, Barb & Bob Wilhelm, Bob Bryan, Paul & Inez Minderman, Dan Crownover, Duane Hopp, and Mark Pickerill. Mark your calendars classmates, in 2017 it will be our 50th reunion!



The Unadilla Alumni Dinner was held at the Duncan Building on Saturday, May 26, with the theme "Stars and Stripes Forever". Decorations for the dinner included red, white, and blue carnation and patriotic ribbon centerpieces which were later given as door prizes along with gift certificates. A large poster beautifully designed and made for the occasion by Sharon Demaree of Lincoln, featured a large drawing in color of the American Bald Eagle with the flag on one of its wings and repeated in the clouds above it, as it is in flight. That poster will be on display in the Unadilla Community Library this summer. The classes of 1956, 1957, and 1958, were hosts for the evening. A social hour was enjoyed from 5:30 to 6:30 with a carry in dinner following. Ralph Ross led the Pledge of Allegiance and Milton Leefers led the Doxology. Peggy Leefers served as emcee and introduced the honored classes, very few were in attendance this year. The Class of 1952 was represented by Sylvia Beccard Snoke of Eagle, and the Class of 1957 was represented by Ralph Ross of Syracuse and Peggy Laughlin Leefers of Unadilla. Names of 10 deceased alumni from the past year were read. Veterans of the military services were asked to stand and be recognized for their service to their country. Two tables of patriotic items were on display for the 39 in attendance to enjoy. Katie Callaway read the account of last year's dinner and filled in for the Secretary-Treasurer Jean Lucas, who could not be present. Peggy told of the National Cemeteries in NE and surrounding states and Arlington National Cemetery, and the honor guard who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Ralph Ross tole of his experience in the living quarters of the guards and how they help each other get ready for their time of duty. To be an honor guard member is one of the highest honors as they dedicate 4 years of their life to that tour of duty and live in the bunker below the memorial building on the grounds of the cemetery. Information was given on activities in the community by the Unadilla Area Foundation. The evening closed with everyone standing and singing "America the Beautiful". Next year the dinner will be Saturday, May 25, 2013, at the Duncan Building in Unadilla, with the same 3 classes hosting.


Bob Wilhelm, Adjutant, Massie-Richards Post #100, Syracuse, was the featured speaker at the Douglas, Palmyra, and Unadilla cemeteries. The program was sponsored by the Nash-Jensen Post at Palmyra. Wilhelm noted, "When peril threatened and their country called, brave men and women answered and many gave their lives to protect the way of life and the ideals that we as a nation have defined and nourished since its great beginning." He noted those killed in action were: John E. White, St. Martins, Douglas; Alfred Jensen and Howard Nash, Rosewood, Palmyra; Robert Kempkes, St. Leos, Palmyra; and Larry Stoner, Henry Stilwell, and William "Billy" Massie, Unadilla Cemetery.




6-9   Leigh Luff

6-10   Jon Vodicka, John & Gera Stilwell

6-11   Brody William Brandt




Friday, 6-7-1912, The Otoe Union:

The town was raising money for a new flag and street lights. The old flag "went up in smoke in the big fire". Everyone was replanting corn. John Alexander was appointed to the town board. Edwin Moore, former resident died at Gothenburg, Illinois. Corn was 73 cents/bushel. The phone book was printed in the paper, taking up 3/4 of the page. it stated, "No calls made after 10 p.m., except in case of sickness."