Many of you may not be familiar with the Unadilla Area Fund except for our All Fund Drive held each fall. It was organized in 1998 and this is what we've accomplished so far:

2002:   Bunker Gear for Fire Dept.     2300.00

2002   Ball Caps     480.00

2003   Bleachers at Park     5000.00

2003   Curtains for Stage     2172.22

2008   Ambulance Purchase     10,000.00

2008   Matching Funds for Streetscape     15,000.00

2009   Preliminary Streetscape Design     788.70

2010   Covered Picnic Shelter     42,895.95

2014   Roof Repair on Community Center     10,000.00

Total     88,636.65

UAF also underwrites the Speaker on Groundhog Day, the celebration itself, as well as many other small projects in the area.