Groundhog Day 2018


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Christian Church Bake Sale

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Ghog Day_2018_037_500

Sharon Demaree

Ghog Day_2018_038_500

Char Burkhart

Ghog Day_2018_039_500

Cindy Bassinger

Ghog Day_2018_040_500

Donna Crownover, Sue Saathoff, Glenda Willnerd

Ghog Day_2018_041_500

Jean Lucas' birthday cake

Ghog Day_2018_046_500

Chris Sayre with his accordian

Ghog Day_2018_045_500

Accordian, Concertine, Dulcimer

Ghog Day_2018_050_500

The music was enjoyed by all ages!

Ghog Day_2018_051_500

Sayre plays the saw

Ghog Day_2018_053_500

Perry Stoner announces the winners of the Soup, Spam,

Jerky contests and the Raffle winners

Nina Jean_Rohlfs_500

Nina Jean Rohlfs on the keyboard entertains

all the folks at the Duncan Building

Ghog Day_2018_057_500

Color Guard

Keith Goering, Bob Wilhelm, Ron Wenninghoff,

Gerald Neeman, Bonnie Carlson

Ghog Day_2018_135_crop_500

Grand Marshalls

Unadilla residents age 90 or over

Front: Rose Marie Brandt, John Moss driver

Jack Stilwell_Lois_Ebert_Roland_Rodaway_500

Grand Marshalls

Back: Jack Stilwell, Lois Ebert, Roland Rodaway

Ghog Day_2018_063_500

2017 Groundhog Royalty

Carolyn Kastens, Mike Antes

Ghog Day_2018_066_500

Official Groundhog Falcom driven by Bob Brandt

Ghog Day_2018_068_500

Groundhogs love parades!

Ghog Day_2018_069_500

Ford Falcon used by the Groundhog Central Committee

Driver: Larry Beers   Passenger: Dale Henke

(This car has been in ALL 30 parades!)

Ghog Day_2018_071_500

1962 Ford Falcon Futura owned and driven by Jeannie

Steinkuhler, passenger Hayden ___

Ghog Day_2018_072_500

Boy Scout Pack 337 from Syracuse

Ghog Day_2018_074_500

Girl Scout Troops from Unadilla and Syracuse represent girls

from Kindergarten to 4th grade. These girls continue to

gather as troops in order to grow in their skills and volunteer

in their communities.

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Ghog Day_2018_076_500

B5 Construction/2017 John Deere Gator

Elliot Johnson & Trent Stubbendick

Ghog Day_2018_077_500

Wilhelm Family Farms "Crop Tour"

1951 Chevrolet purchased by Lynn Wilhelm in 1972

and restored by Chuck Bjork in 2017

Ghog Day_2018_079_500

Drivers Nick & Marcus Wilhelm

Grandchildren of Lynn & Bev Wilhelm in back

Ghog Day_2018_081_500

'Merica 1

1987 Army 2 1/2 Ton (Duece & 1/2)

Command SGT Major (Ret.) Greg McBride

Command SGT Major (Ret.) Troy Johnson

Can be seen in "Resident Evil 3" 

and "The Streets of Mogadishu"

Ghog Day_2018_082_500


Ghog Day_2018_083_500

'Merica 2

1991 Army 5 ton

LT Colonel (Ret.) Kevin Bricker

First placed into service in the Horn of Africa; recently

featured in a National Geographic film on Doomsday.

Ghog Day_2018_085_500

1962 Cadillac Groundhog Birthday Car

driven by Paul Wallman providing seats for

folks born on Groundhog Day 

(this is the 15th year for this entry!)

Ghog Day_2018_088_500

Village of Unadilla

Chairman: Dan Crownover, Trustees: Dale Stoner, Lynn

Schomerus, Janet Oelke, Scott Hincker, Clerk: Corinne

Zahn, Sewer: Doug Ebert

Ghog Day_2018_090_500

Syracuse Germanfest Royalty

Burgermeister: Darin Lintner

Lil' Miss Germanfest: Jolie Baugous

Germanfest King: Lee Wellensiek

Germanfest Queen: Sharon Wellensiek

Ghog Day_2018_092_500

Steve Schutzs' Services for lawns & gardens

Ghog Day_2018_093_500

1929 Ford Model A

Driver: Jason Newby, Passenger: Angie Muller

Ghog Day_2018_094_500

1930 Auburn small eight 8-95

Chad Borner & Anna Sopia Borner

Ghog Day_2018_096_500

1930 Auburn 6-85

Driver: Steve Jones

Ghog Day_2018_097_500

1932 Franklin 163

Roger & Connie Newby & Tucker the Corgi Dog

Ghog Day_2018_098_crop_500

1919 Franklin 137, air-cooled

Driver: John Wilson

Ghog Day_2018_100_500

1950 MGRC Street Rod

302 V8 automatic

Kent Oehling owner & driver

Passenger: Clark Wilcox

Ghog Day_2018_101_500

1930 Ford Model A Coupe

Driver: Dale Jergensen (family owned)

Ghog Day_2018_102_500

1928 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan

Owner: Steve Zikmund

Driver: Greg Bowden

Ghog Day_2018_103_500

1930 Ford Model A, 40hp

Driver: John Ledeley

Ghog Day_2018_106_500

Groundhog Street Department

Driver: Dwight Kastens, Street Supt.

Ghog Day_2018_107_500

Clean up after your Groundhogs

Village of Unadilla

Arlin Rohlfs, Maintenance

Ghog Day_2018_108_500

Cornhusker Model "A" Ford Club, Lincoln 

1930 Ford, Bob & Judy Callaway

Ghog Day_2018_109_500

1930 Ford, Bob & Judy Calloway


Ghog Day_2018_111_500

Cornhusker Model "A" Ford Club, Lincoln

1930 Ford, Dean & Margaret Mays

Ghog Day_2018_113_500

Cornhusker Model "A" Ford Club, Lincoln

1931 Ford, Gary Horne

Ghog Day_2018_115_500

Cornhusker Model "A" Ford Club, Lincoln

1931 Ford, Harve & Judi Jecha

Ghog Day_2018_117_500

Cornhusker Model "A" Ford Club, Lincoln

1931 Ford, Gayle & Nancy Hanshaw

Ghog Day_2018_119_500

Jeff Lant for Otoe County Sheriff

Ghog Day_2018_120_500

Can anyone identify this cutie?

Ghog Day_2018_122_500

1967 Buick GS 400

Driver: Russell Hull

Ghog Day_2018_125_500

1955 Ford Thunderbird

68,983 original miles

Driven by Bill Davis

Ghog Day_2018_127_500

Andrew Kimbell

Parade participant since he was a baby

Ghog Day_2018_130_500

Andrew's Tilling & Plowing

Andrew & Tim VanMeveren

Ghog Day_2018_132_500

1963 Chevrolet Impala

Carl Siefert, Bennett, Nebraska

Ghog Day_2018_134_500

1962 Chevrolet Corvair, 33,000

Bennet Manor

Scott, Julie, Maisie, Maddie Semin

Ghog Day_2018_137_500

Ghog Day_2018_138_500

Nebraska Statewide Arboretum

Justin Evertson, Bob Henrickson, Christine Hoyt

Please plant trees and gardens!

Ghog Day_2018_139_500

Unadilla Volunteer Fire Department

Steve Vodicka, Chief

Ghog Day_2018_142_500

Ghog Day_2018_144_500

Ghog Day_2018_146_500

Unadilla Rescue Squad

Linda Liesemeyer, Chief

Jon Vodicka, walking]

Ghog Day_2018_147_500


Ghog Day_2018_148_500

Syracuse Fire Department, City Pumper

Riders: Tim Seelhoff, Adam Holz, Jess Kirchhoff, Baker

Seelhoff, Gage Seelhoff, Tucker Zahn, Ryan Kirchhoff,

Emma Kirchhoff, Kyle Holz, Carsen Holz

Special guest: Rachel Zahn, Queen candidate

Ghog Day_2018_149_500

Rural Tanker

Ghog Day_2018_151_500

Syracuse Rescue Squad

IMG 2911_500

After the parade and before the Coronation, Nebraska

Statewide Arboretum planted a vibernum shrub in the

SW corner of the streetscape

Ghog Day_2018_152_500

Former Queens Carolyn Kastens & Shirley Fenster and

Unadilla Bill

Ghog Day_2018_154_500

Rachel Zahn can't contain her excitement!

Ghog Day_2018_159_500

2018 Groundhog Queen Rachel Zahn & King Ron Fechner

Ghog Day_2018_161_500

Ron & Rachel

The day ended with some more music!

Ghog Day_2018_162_500

Pat Glenn

Ghog Day_2018_163_500

Unadilla's own, Randy Baker

Ghog Day_2018_164_500

John Moss



Groundhog Day is nearly here!

2-1   Groundhog Kings & Queens Reception 5-8 p.m.

2-2   Unadilla Bill's Breakfast & other festivities 7-9 a.m.

2-3   Groundhog Day Celebration

Ghog Vendors_2018_001_500

Chris Sayres Musical presentation 10:30 a.m.

Parade starts at 2:00 p.m.