Jenice Bates and Judy Schwab preparing the windows in the old Variety Store in Syracuse for a Massie-Richards American Legion Auxiliary Post #100 display. Lois Johnson and Barb Wilhelm were also present. (2009)

Part of the display stating our Mission and outlining some of the projects we're involved in.
The Massie-Richards Post #100 was named for two young men killed in WWI. Massie was from Unadilla and is buried in the Unadilla Cemetery. Richards was from Syracuse and is buried at Park Hill. Members of the American Legion and its Auxiliary are mostly from Unadilla and Syracuse.

Poster drawn by Bill Formanack to help recruit new members for the Auxiliary.

Items that can be included in an "Angel Backpack". This is the second year the Auxiliary has been involved in this project. Angel Backpacks are given to soldiers picked up on the field who are being transported to a hospital. Items included: blanket, toothbrush & toothpaste, hand sanitizer, wipes, cards, hand-held game, snacks, pens, paper, envelopes, etc.