Unadilla Area Fund Meeting Minutes

July 16, 2019      10:00 a.m. Library


Present:  Barb Wilhelm, Corinne Zahn, Peggy Leefers, Chad Pester, Donna Crownover, Maureen Vogt, and Sue Saathoff.    Absent:  Glenda Willnerd, Bob Brandt

President Barb Wilhelm called the meeting to order.  Minutes of the May 14, 2019, meeting had been sent to all members.  Peggy Leefers made a motion to approve; Corinne Zahn seconded; all approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Bob Brandt had furnished the treasurer’s information to Sue Saathoff who provided the treasurer’s report.   Since we have not yet received the second quarter financials from the Nebraska Community Foundation, balances are as of the end of the first quarter, March 31st, 2019:

            All Fund Drive                                                             $ 1,130.00

            CC Endowment Fund                                                   $31,962.64

            General Fund                                                              $24,210.49

            Total                                                                            $57,303.13

Contributions since last meeting of May 14, 2019:

            5/16/19 Donation-Jeremy & Irene Wilhelm              $      100.00

            5/24/19 Donation-Karen, Joan, Jane-Bob’s sisters     $      210.00

            7/14/19 OCVC Marketing Funds                                $      280.00                

Disbursements since last meeting of May 14, 2019:

            5/24/19 Advertising-NE Life & NE Traveler               $   1,295.25    

            6/21/19 Village-replace ball park lights                    $      277.32

            7/8/19 Ad for Unadilla BBQ                                       $      300.00

            7/10/19 Backpack program                                        $      250.00

Bob has submitted the Post-function Report on use of OCVC Funds regarding the BBQ.

Bob has submitted a grant request to the Nebraska State Arboretum requesting $5,050 to help with costs of project to do maintenance and clean up of trees and brush in the village and park.  In addition, it would cover cost of planting and labeling trees and shrubs in park.

Barb Wilhelm made motion to approve treasurer’s report; Peggy Leefers seconded; all approved.

Memorial Day Luncheon

Peggy gave a report on the Memorial Day Luncheon hosted by the Unadilla Community Library.  Approximately 82 people attended and $731 was raised.  It was a great social event for the village.

Unadilla BBQ Celebration

In spite of the weather, the Unadilla BBQ was a success.  Corinne shared a summary of the Income and Expenses from the day.  Sue Saathoff made a motion that the Unadilla Area Fund make a donation to the village to cover net result of a small loss; Maureen Vogt seconded; all approved.  Corinne and Bob will finalize  numbers.

Using the concession stand for “to go” meals was helpful in reducing lines.  The Bean Bag Throw was not held which was a disappointment.  Fun Run was a success again – kudos to the runners for getting out in the rain.  Corinne stated this was the last year for Orchard Hill providing the meat for the BBQ; thus, a new vendor will need to be obtained for next year. Discussion was held regarding discontinuing the Tractor Pull due to cost.  A replacement activity could be building sand castles.  The Water Slide was a HUGE hit.  The Library will once again purchase a gift card for them to thank them for all their work.

New Business

Discussion was held regarding the speaker for Groundhog Hog Day.  First choice is “A Bad Man in a Better Place: Jesse James in Nebraska”, by Jeff Barnes.  Barb has already emailed Jeff to see if he is available.  A second choice is Sara Crook with stories of female pioneers.

Corinne would like to see using some the funds donated to the park through the All Fund Drive for cement and mounting of benches.

Discussion held regarding the annual reception in December.  This may be switched from inviting new residents to hosting a “Thank You” for people who volunteer and assist at the BBQ.

MK Meats will be hosting their grand opening on Saturday, August 3rd.  It was decided that a congratulatory gift will be given by the Unadilla Area Fund.

Chad suggested that we offer “Unadilla History Tours” at the BBQ next year.  We could use the “red book” which covers Unadilla history from 1871 to 1971.  Perhaps using a tractor and flat bed, offer a hay rack ride to people stopping at places and giving the history of the place.  All thought this was a great idea and it led to a lot of discussion.  In addition, it would be a great project to prepare a book covering Unadilla history from 1971 to 2021, the next 50 years.  Chad will lead these efforts.

Next Meeting -- Tuesday, October 15th, at 10:00 at the Library.

                                                                        Respectfully submitted:         

Sue Saathoff, Secretary