October 13, 2021


The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Unadilla, Nebraska, was held on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, at 7:30 p.m. at the Unadilla Community Center. Notice of said meeting and proposed agenda of then known subjects was given by posting in the three following places within the Village: Countryside Bank, Post Office, and Community Center Notice Board; and by serving a copy of said notice to each member of the Board of Trustees more than 5 days prior to said meeting. Trustees present: Dan Crownover, Janet Oelke, Scott Hincker, Clark Stubbendeck and Stoner arriving at 7:40 p.m. Visitors:  none

 Chairman Crownover called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. He reminded everyone of the location of the Open Meetings Act Poster.

Hincker made a motion to approve the September 2021 minutes and Budget Hearing minutes; Stubbendeck seconded. Roll call vote: Oelke, Hincker, Stubbendeck and Crownover voted yea. None voted nay, Stoner absent.   Motioned carried 4-0. Oelke made a motion to approve the September 2021 treasurer’s report, bank statements, reconciliation, and receipts; Stubbendeck seconded. Roll call vote:  Oelke, Hincker, Stubbendeck and Crownover voted yea. The following voted Nay: none. Motion carried 4-0. Stoner just arriving but not voting.

          The following claims were reviewed:

Corinne Zahn                wage 95.5 hrs/152 miles                           $1,681.91                   Barb Wilhelm                wage 16 hrs                                                    201.42

Arlin Rohlfs                    wage 51 hrs                                                    777.13

ABC Pest Control         pest control                                                    120.00

Bob Wilhelm                 22.5 hrs labor                                                 337.50

Gana Trucking             haul rubble water line                                    450.00

Midwest Lab                 sewer samples                                                 35.10

Dan Crownover            wage/200 miles                                              250.52

Clark Stubbendeck      wage                                                               115.44

Dale Stoner                  wage                                                               115.44

Janet Oelke                  wage                                                               115.44

Scott Hincker                wage                                                               115.44

RWD#3                         water                                                            2,677.50

Zito Media                     t.v.                                                                  123.36

DHHS                           water test                                                          32.00

Papillion Sanitation      garbage                                                      2,024.25

IRS                                941                                                                  677.29

NE Dept. of Rev.          sales tax                                                         476.45

OPPD                           water pit                                           $    33.09

Municipal Supply          water line supplies                          8,345.60

Hach                             sample bottles, pouches                       95.44

NC Utilities                    utilities                                              1,499.86

Windstream                  phone                                                     81.26

TWH Inc.                       storage                                                   23.47

General Fire & Safe     fire alarm inspection                            130.00

One Call Concepts      diggers hotline                                       11.90

Arbor Country Clean    carpet cleaning                                    466.40

Kurt Kastens Electric   wire on fire whistle                              134.00

Grainger                       cold patch in 2020 inv not rec.            678.00

SE NE Develop.           Membership/housing                          368.00

Westover                      rock for water line replacement          720.82

Kay Park Rec.              benches, smoker’s butler                1,496.00

Syr Do It Best               spray paint                                             23.27

Bohl Plumbing              backflow test                                        142.95

League of Munic          water op. workshop                               55.00

Gatehouse Media        ads                                                         71.82

NE Dept of Rev.           keno tax                                               173.00

Lovell Excavating         new water line 6th St.                      6,500.00

Dollar General              bleach                                                    55.91

Walmart                        bleach                                                    50.62

NE Dept. of Rev.          941N                                                    280.00


          Hincker made a motion to pay claims seconded by Stubbendeck. On a roll call vote: Stoner, Oelke, Stubbendeck and Crownover voted yea. Non voted nay.    Motion carried 4-0.                                                                                   


          The amount of the Keno Check was $0.00

          Water consumed: 971,000; water paid for: 642,000; balance for month:

 -320,000; YTD: -1,770,000. Water test have continued being taken at the new water line. After two consecutive zero test the water line will be placed into service.  The 2nd new line at 6th & F and G will start sometime after that.

          Schoolhouse items: The backflow inspection was completed by Bohl Plumbing and passed inspection. The benches the Library Board purchased for the Community Center have arrived and will need to be assembled. The smoker’s butler the library also purchased is out front for the public to use.  The lease for Suite #2, Brian and Kristen Walters have signed. Stoner made a motion to sign the month-to-month lease, seconded by Stubbendeck.  On a roll call vote, Stoner, Oelke, Hincker, Stubbendeck and Crownover voted yea, none voted nay. Motion carried 5-0.

          Quonset property:  OPPD to send out lease information yet.

          Street Project:  Waiting to send out bids. Arlin has been filing some holes with cold patch to get us thru the winter.        

          Public Comments:  None

NEW BUSINESS                                                                                     

          Discussion of hiring a maintenance person was held. There were not any applications or even phone calls on the position being part time. The Board discussed the position being full time and decided to offer $21.00 per hour, with 36 hours per week, 6 paid Holidays and 1 week vacation paid after 90 days. Some weeks maybe a few more depending on weather. Clerk will post this in the paper and put it on the Unadilla Bill website and post around town.  

          Hincker made a motion to approve and sign the Municipal Annual Certification of Road Program Resolution, seconded by Stoner. On a roll call vote Stoner, Oelke, Hincker, Stubbendeck and Crownover voted yea, none voted nay.  Motion carried 5-0. The Annual Certification of Public Roads Classifications and Standards was also signed by Crownover.

          Doug Ebert, the Village Wastewater Operator contacted Crownover on a violation received by the Dept. of Environment and Energy for exceedance of ammonia at the sewer ponds.   

The list of delinquent water and sewer patrons was reviewed:  Account #037, 048, 072, 088, 106, 114, 115, & 170.

In correspondence: The Lincoln Food Bank will continue to do food distributions through December.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


                                                                              Village Clerk-Treasurer


A complete and current copy of these proceedings is available for

inspection at the Village Office during normal business hours.