Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 495


Remember to fly a flag today, December 7th, in honor of the 2000+ sailors and soldiers who lost their lives when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941.





 Don't forget the Food Bank will be here this morning (Wednesday), near the Park from 10 - 11 a.m. It's such a great contribution to our residents and neighbors!




 Yoga Schedule 450

It's never too late to start! We've heard nothing but good things about this class!



Congratulations to Russell & Sherri Moss on the birth of their new grandson. And also to Ron & Shirley Conradi, who celebrated 50 years of marriage last week. To Forge Fitness, who have been in business at the Community Center for 1 year, we also send congratulations!



Continued get well wishes to Dennis Baker and everyone else, no matter what ails you, be it Covid, RSV, or the flu...and we know it's crazy out there trying to pin those symptoms down.



Here are the two designs that will be used on the t-shirts for the Groundhog Celebration:

Ghog one 450


Ghog two 450

They will be available at Nitty Gritty in the near future!





Condolences 250

Condolences to Sherri Moss and family on the passing of her father, Larry Ikenberry. Also, to Dawn Dettmer and family on the passing of her son Brett Dettmer. Our sympathy and thoughts are with you all.




thank you 2 250

Many, many thanks to these additional All Fund Drive contributors: Phil & Glenda Willnerd, Kastens Electric, Jerry & Joy Stilmock, John & Gera Stilwell, Ron & Shirley Conradi, Craig & Mary Kimbell, Delbert Eickhoff, Robert & Susanna Porter, Randy & Nancy Crownover, Tyler & Donna Crownover, Marvin & Jean Lucas, Timothy & Rita Witt, Dale & Connie Bailey, Barry & Carrie Brandt, Don & Linda Esch, Bruce & Teresa Liesemeyer, Jamisen & Renee Jensen, Rob & Shari Lock, Rose Ann Duncan, Dan's Tire, and Dan & Babette McWilliams. We appreciate each and every one of you!




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Monday night, coming home from Unadilla about 8 p.m., we saw this brilliant flash pass in front of us. It was only seconds until it disappeared. We haven't found anyone else who saw it, but several around us say they heard a huge boom! Anyone else???



There are lots of beautiful Christmas light displays around town. Here are a few:

Jensens 450

Jay & Renee Jensen


Jim Walters 450

Jim & Diana Walters


Cindy Stanley 450

Cindy Stanley




Congratulations to Duane Hansen - it's official!!!

Duane Hansen 450

The longest journey by pumpkin boat

Photo: Bob Brandt




Notice of Meeting for Dec 495



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 Happy Birthday 250

12-7   Cheryl Royal

12-8   Kelsea Bayliss, Cheryl Ann Henry

12-10   Michael Bowersmith, Dave Hall, Renee Jensen

12-11   Peggy Leefers, Augustus Hinrichsen

12-12   Bill Kea

12-13   Don Halbasch




 Man reading newspaper 250

Friday, 12-8-1922, The Otoe Union:

The Village Board paid a total of $149.50 in bills; they also approved Prof. Edling's request to us the town hall for basketball practice for $1.00 a night. Ivan Rodaways' had a baby girl on 12-4 and Floyd Rodaways' a baby boy on 12-5. (Ivan & Floyd were brothers.) Harvey and Elmer Johnson dammed up the Nemaha and were preparing to deliver ice to their customers.   






Forge Fitness 400

Kristen & Brian Walters







Sewing machine



For All Your Sewing Needs: Specializing in Alterations and Custom Needs

Susan Royal



fabric pile






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Syracuse Thrift Store

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The Living Nativity Flyer 2022 495


Each Living Nativity event has GREAT volunteers 450

Each Living Nativity event has GREAT volunteers


Louisville Care Center attended a private showing at The Living Nativity 450

Louisville Care Center attended a private showing of the Living Nativity


Private Home School tour 450

Private Home School tour


Many items made from tatting are available at The Stable Store 450

Many items made by tatting are available at the Stable Store


T shirts available for sale at The Stable Store 450

T-shirts are available at the Stable Store







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CHRISTMAS STORE BUSINESS HOURS Flyer Template Made with PosterMyWall 1 450




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Masonic Ad 495




Oles 450




Office Space for Rent September 2022 450




2022 08 10 PLT SECC adult ed classes 1 495




Throw Kindness_001_500











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8-27   NE vs Northwestern @Dublin, Ireland   LOST 28 - 31

9-3   NE vs North Dakota   WON 38 - 17

9-10   NE vs Georgia Southern   LOST 42-45

9-17   NE vs Oklahoma   LOST   14-49

10-1   NE vs Indiana   WON 35-21

10-7   NE at Rutgers   WON 14-13

10-15   NE at Purdue   LOST   37-43

10-29   NE vs Illinois   LOST  9 - 26

11-5   NE vs Minnesota   LOST  13 - 20

11-12   NE at Michigan   LOST 3 - 34

11-19   NE vs Wisconsin   LOST 14 - 15

11-23   NE at Iowa   WON 24 - 17






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