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7:30 p.m. in the Village Library



"The Unadilla Volunteer Fire and Rescue would like to thank the patrons of the fire district for their great financial support with our Pancake Feed and Soup Dinner.  With the proceeds from these events we have been able to purchase three complete sets of brand new bunker gear.  We also were able to buy a Battery Powered Hurst Jaws of Life.  With this piece of equipment we can help remove people from vehicles that have been involved in a car crash." Thank you Steve Vodicka for sharing this.

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Chuck Porter, Alexis Seelhoff, Brandon Isaacs




You might have, so generously, given food and/or hygiene items, water and other drinks, cash, gift cards, time and effort.  Your contribution to the volunteer firefighters of all the fire departments who answered the call of duty, to the Easter weekend fire at Lake Waconda, Union, NE, was astonishing and greatly appreciated.  Many items were sent home with those firefighters who traveled from afar to help in the effort.

Union Fire Chief, Shane Adams, wants to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU, on behalf of all the firefighters, for your donations.  



New at the Unadilla Community Library - Quilt Displays! In April, Peggy Leefers has many beautiful quilts on display. Please stop in and take a look (library hours: Thursdays 5 - 7 p.m., Saturday 9 - 11 a.m.). In future months, Jan Maloy and Sue Saathoff will be displaying their quilts. If you have quilts and would like to show them, please contact a library board member!


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New Books at the Library! Stop in & check out the new adult fiction & new kids board books at the library. 

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Get well wishes to everyone who's been ill, had surgery, or who is taking treatment. Can't believe we still know folks who have Covid. Maybe this warm weather will lower the numbers.



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Thanks so much to the folks who volunteer passing out food from the Lincoln Food Bank. This past Friday they served 178 people. There's still a need out there.



Rest in peace

Our condolences to Leonard, Susie, and Michele Isaacs, on the passing of their wife and mother, Sharon Isaacs. She was laid to rest in the Unadilla Cemetery. The family lived in Unadilla for many, many years.



On April 17, 1964, the Ford Mustang was introduced.

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We celbrated Easter at our daughter Michele's home Sunday. SO much food and she set up an egg hunt for everyone, even us old folks. It was a beautiful and memorable day.





By Renowned Cub Reporter Bob Wilhelm

Perhaps it is appropriate that at this time of year we take a step back and look at the impact competitive sports have on all of us, in one way or another. We have left the hype of the Super Bowl and March Madness behind us and we are now being drawn into the attractions the golf season will bring. For many, the skill of the athletes and the competitiveness of the games are sufficient to satisfy us.  However, some among us cannot resist the desire to place wagers on these contests to enhance the pleasure and excitement as well as the bragging rights that finishing victorious allows. Unfortunately for others the reality is on display at the entrance of every big box store across our country as with the fellow pictured above. Please, if that Spider Monkey is on your back or the back of someone you know, do not hesitate to call 1-800-BETSOFF.



Thank you Sandi Kimbell for your many history donations. After I get them read, they will be available in the Resource Room.



Don't think this little guy reads very well!!!

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And yes, I'm still working on photos from Groundhog Day...have about 20 left...patience!!!



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4-12   Tom & Shelly Block, Becky West

4-13   Anita Schomerus, Landon Oelke

4-14   Deb Flessner, Dian Oelke, Dennis Hauschel

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4-16   Ed Ramold, Charlotte Hinrichsen

4-17   Brett Lucas

4-18   Baillie Luff, Tracy Meyer




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Friday, 4-13-1923, The Otoe Union:

The First National Bank's Resources & Liabilities were $225,483.01; those of the Farmer's State Bank were $105,329.35. Mina Morgan and W.F. Hair were their respective notary publics. "Stoner & Watts ordered a 3 ton cooler to keep their meat cool this summer." Mary Deull (Ewalt) McCormick died and was buried at Park Hill Cemetery. She was Bob Wilhelm's great-grandmother and lived where Bev Wilhelm now lives.




Forge Fitness 400

Kristen & Brian Walters




Sewing machine


For All Your Sewing Needs: Specializing in Alterations and Custom Needs

Susan Royal


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Syracuse Senior Center

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