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The Village Office will be closed this Friday, May 19th.


The Unadilla Community Library Board will meet on Saturday, May 20th, at 9 a,m,, in the Library. The public is invited to attend.

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Memorial Day is approaching fast. Flags will be put up at the Unadilla Cemetery on Friday, May 26, at 6 p.m., and taken down on Monday, May 29th, at 6 p.m.

The shed at the Unadilla Cemetery has a new roof. Many thanks Bryce Luff and the volunteers who took on this project.

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There will be a patriotic Memorial Day program, Monday, May 29, 10 a.m., Hopewell Cemetery. Speaker: U.S. Army Colonel (Ret.), John E. Bryan, who grew up in the Burr area and graduated from SHS. All are welcome!



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There will also be a dinner served at the Unadilla Gym on Memorial Day from 11 - 1, by the Friends of the Unadilla Library. The Veterans and History rooms will also be open that day. Stop in!



American Legion Post #100 held their annual Hamburger Feed last Friday night to help support the Legion baseball teams. Thanks to everyone for your help and support. Although the weather was pretty iffy, they raised a nice amount of money. Thanks so much to all the volunteers, they couldn't have done it without you!

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Photos: Bob Wilhelm



Bob Brandt reports vandals damaged some of the trees at the playground around the Community Center...so disturbing because this is such a lovely, peaceful place for all to enjoy.

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Ever wondered how old your canning jars are?

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Last year we didn't have any visitors on our Oriole feeder, so this year Bob moved it aways from the Hummingbird feeder. Boy, are we going through the grape jelly!!!

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Photo: Bob Wilhelm





5-17   Linda Liesemeyer

5-18   Emily Lewis

5-19   Bob Brandt, Dave & Nola Johnson

5-20   Kathryn Romine, Kortlyn Glather

5-22   Ben & Baillie Kroese

5-23   April Isaacs, Lois Johnson, Autumn & Alisha Bailey, Steve & Deb Billington




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Friday, 5-18-1923, The Otoe Union:

Several in the area were suffering from a case of the mumps. Students graduating from UHS were: Ivan Bassett, Willson and Alvin Leeman, Harold Schreiner, Blanch Butler, Gladys Carper, Augusta Kruger, and William and Thelma Davis. Stoner & Watts installed a new cooling system for their meats, getting rid of the ice. Chester Isaacs was delivering mail on Route #2.




Forge Fitness 400

Kristen & Brian Walters




Sewing machine


For All Your Sewing Needs: Specializing in Alterations and Custom Needs

Susan Royal


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Syracuse Senior Center

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   Riverstone Bank Migrate 7 Mo Ad



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4-22   Spring Game

8-31   AT Minnesota

9-9   AT Colorado

9-16   VS Northern Illinois

9-23   VS Louisiana Tech

9-30   VS Michigan

10-7   AT Illinois

10-21   VS Northwestern

10-28   VS Purdue

11-4   AT Michigan State

11-11   VS Maryland

11-18   AT Wisconsin

11-24   VS Iowa




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