Memorial Day 495




Memorial Day Luncheon
Sloppy joes, Polish Dogs, potato salad, Cole slaw, beans, cookies & beverages.
Monday, May 29th
11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Unadilla Community Center 
Free will offering
Proceeds benefit the Unadilla Community Library. 
Come and enjoy!!

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The History and Veterans rooms will also be open. It is a great time to catch up with old friends!


The ceremony at the Unadilla cemetery begins at 11 a.m. and is performed by the Palmyra Legion Post. The ceremony at Hopewell cemetery will be Emcee'd by John Bryan, and begins at 10 a.m.

Your help in raising and taking down flags at the Unadilla cemetery would be greatly appreciated. Raising at 6 p.m. Friday night, and taking down at 6 p.m. on Monday night.



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Book stack

The Cardinal Book Club will meet Thursday, May 25th, at 7 p.m., at the Unadilla Community Library to discuss the book "A Dangerous Goodbye". Please come and join us!!!




Sorrow 250

Our condolences to Lois Chadwick and family on the loss of her husband Joe. Many of you will remember him as pastor of the Unadilla Christian Church for many years.



 These are the roses we transplanted from "The Pondersosa", the term used affectionately for the farm between Unadilla and Palmyra, where Vern Wilhelm and his siblings were born and raised.

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Continued get well wishes to those suffering from the latest ailment going around. We are still hearing about some having Covid. And allergies are beginning their plague! Be well friends!



A big shoutout to Autumn Wardyn, sho continues to lead these Yoga classes in the gym on Wednesday nights. We've heard nothing but good things about these classes and the fun they have!

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 Thanks so much to Corey Schulze for donating these items to the History Room!

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Have you got your hummingbird and oriole feeders out and filled? We're having a lot of bird traffic at our house right now!




Beginning Friday June 2nd at the 2 P.M. to 3 P.M. mobile distribution session in Unadilla the Food Bank will be reverting to the procedure they used before the pandemic. This will require food recipients of USDA products to complete The Emergency Food Assistance Program form (TEFAP). The from will ask for basic information about recipients such as your zip code, number of people in the household to receive the products and a signature. The form will contain the income guidelines the federal government requires to receive food on the TEFAP program. By signing the form the guests are self identifying that they meet those guidelines. If a guest declines to sign the TEFAP form, for any reason, they can still receive some food items but they just won’t receive the USDA supplied food items. This is a new change that the volunteers have no control over so please be patient with them as they implement these new rules in a way that is less disruptive to all.




by Renowned Cub Reporter Bob Wilhelm

Recently the conversation at the Paisley Bottom Coffee Shop and Critical Thinking Laboratory turned to chicken eggs. The head Barista is somewhat of an expert in poultry as he manages a flock of oviparous hens. Ergo, this seemed to be the natural venue for this important discussion to occur. The aged equestrian in the Laboratory has an acute curiosity and asked; How long will eggs last before they go bad? Admittedly, a question most people would not ask, yet once laid down (no pun intended) the group addressed the question head on. The Barista, turned flock manager, immediately said that the time eggs remain fresh depends on if they had been washed. His hypothesis was supported when an internet search revealed that unwashed eggs last longer than washed eggs. Eggs are laid with an invisible coating called the “bloom or Cuticle” on the shell. This coating helps to keep air and bacteria out of the egg, thus keeping the egg fresher longer.  A general rule is that unwashed and unrefrigerated eggs will last about 2 weeks and about three months or more if refrigerated.  How do you determine if an egg is washed or not washed? We do not know. A visit to our refrigerator found a carton of eggs that was more than a month beyond the expiration date and there was no indication if they were washed or unwashed. It is also suggested that washing your eggs can increase the risk of contamination because the wash water could be sucked into the egg through the pores in the shell. Additional searching on the internet revealed that it is not necessary or recommended for consumers to wash commercially packaged eggs. Although this may not have provided any conclusive guidance about egg storage, we are hopeful it will bring those in the Paisley Bottom Coffee Shop and Critical Thinking Laboratory one step closer to answering the age-old question; What came first, the chicken or the egg?



"Pour" Painting Class by Sharon Demaree.

The Unadilla Community Library will host a "Pour" painting class on Saturday, June 10th, from10:00 to noon at the Duncan Building. All supplies furnished. Cost: $20. Sign up at the library or contact Sue Saathoff, 402-268-5748. Come enjoy a fun, creative morning.

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 Happy Birthday 250

5-24   Lynn Weiler Wilhelm

5-25   Gina Bryan Moore

5-27   Bev Anderson, Aiden Vodicka, Brooklyn Lewis

5-28   Rex Oelke, Stacy Crownover Goes, Violet Mosel

5-30   Randy Brehm




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Friday, 5-25-1923, The Otoe Union:

R.L. Miller was the ticket agent at Unadilla for the Burlington Route. He was promoting 2-week vacations to Colorado. (No price listed!) "FOR SALE: My dray business and equipment. Ready to go right to work. Only dray in town. S.H. Stoner, Unadilla." Ira D. Pratt, early Nebraska pioneerr from Canada, died and was buried in the Syracuse Cemetery. (They formerly lived in the Hopewell area and had 10 childrren, all of whom were still living at the time of their father's death.)





Forge Fitness 400

Kristen & Brian Walters




Sewing machine


For All Your Sewing Needs: Specializing in Alterations and Custom Needs

Susan Royal


fabric pile




Syracuse Senior Center

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   Riverstone Bank Migrate 7 Mo Ad



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4-22   Spring Game

8-31   AT Minnesota

9-9   AT Colorado

9-16   VS Northern Illinois

9-23   VS Louisiana Tech

9-30   VS Michigan

10-7   AT Illinois

10-21   VS Northwestern

10-28   VS Purdue

11-4   AT Michigan State

11-11   VS Maryland

11-18   AT Wisconsin

11-24   VS Iowa




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