June 13, 2012


The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Unadilla, Nebraska, was held on Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 7:30 p.m. at the Unadilla Community Library. Notice of said meeting and proposed agenda of then known subjects was given by posting in the three following places within the Village: Countryside Bank, Post Office, and Community Center Notice Board; and by serving a copy of said notice to each member of the Board of Trustees more than 5 days prior to said meeting. Trustees present: Dan Crownover, Dale Stoner, Janet Oelke, and Lynn Schomerus. Absent and not voting:  Arliss Wassenberg. Visitors:  Evan Wickersham, JEO, Marc Munford, Ameritas, and Ken & Dee Ann Johnson.

 Chairman Crownover called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. He reminded everyone of the location of the Open Meetings Act Poster.

Oelke made a motion to approve the April 2012 minutes, Schomerus seconded, and motion carried 4-0.

Stoner made a motion to approve the April 2012 treasurer’s report, Schomerus seconded, motion carried 4-0.


          The amount of the Keno check was $1531.87

          Water consumed: 800,000; water paid for: 665,000; balance for month:

 -135,000; YTD: +96,000.

          The wiring/generator project was tabled.

          There were no public comments on regular agenda items.

          Ken & Dee Ann Johnson appeared to discuss their building permit for a new roof and an awning/extension that extends beyond the front of their residence. After discussion it was decided the roof could stay with modification but the awning had to go. (Johnson complied and gave notice on 6-18-12.)

         In regards to Schoolhouse items: Wilhelm gave prices for mirrors to the Board. A decision will be made next month after the quote from Kimbell Construction for installation. (under $200)

          Crownover signed the official zoning map, located in the clerk’s office, after the meeting was over.


          Evan Wickersham, JEO, and Marc Munford, Ameritas, appeared to discuss the upcoming paving project. Several issues were brought to the Board’s

June 13, 2012   page 2

attention and Munford will check into proper procedures. Schomerus made a motion to sign the contract with JEO for their services, Oelke seconded, and motion carried 4-0. Three copies of the contract were signed, Wickersham taking two copies. 

          Final BBQ preparations were discussed.

          Clerk will contact Mary Pope/Leta Steinkuhler to see about buffing/re-sealing the floor. (Need to contact Kenny Aden.)

          Information on the Emergency Notification System was tabled until next month.

          Stoner made a motion to appoint Jason Schomerus to the Planning Board, replacing Jay Jensen. Oelke seconded, Trustee Schomerus abstained, motion carried.

The following claims were reviewed for June payment:

4951           Barb Wilhelm                wages/80                       1007.20

4952          Linda Effle                    wages/14.5                              106.81

4953           Dwight Kastens            wages/147                     1634.33

4954          Dan Crownover            wages                               70.76

4955           Dale Stoner                  wages                               47.17

                   Arliss Wassenberg      wages                               

4956           Janet Oelke                  wages                               47.17

4957           Lynn Schomerus          wages                               47.17

49358        Seneca Sanitation                                              2120.70

AWD          IRS                               941 tax                           583.43                                      IRS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    941 tax                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             686.23

4959           N.C. Utilities                                                        1204.06

4960           Windstream                  office phone                     68.72

AWD          OPPD                           water                                 15.67                        

4961           RWD#3                         water                             1970.00

AWD           NE Dept of Rev            sales tax                          281.70

AWD           NE Dept of Rev            SWH                               

4962          Zito                                hsi                                      84.26

4963          Una Hard                       SH                                 1028.71

4964          Dobson Bros                cold patch                     1835.90

4965          Bauers Trucking           park/pebble                  1400.19

4966          Syr Lumber                   rock wall                          834.87

4967          Gatehouse Media         prt/pub                                33.17

4968          Allied Ins                       treas bond                      100.00

4969          TR Unadilla Mart           park/water                       164.35

4970          EAS                               sewer                               97.00

June 13, 2012   page 3

4971          NE PHE Lab                 water test                          10.00

4972          Robt Wilhelm                tables & BBQ supplies           607.40

4973          Lynn Schomerus          park/water slide              473.65

4974          Lil Tuggers                                                                     424.00

4975          SE Community Band                                            200.00

4976          Dan Crownover            park/bottom tarp               62.48

TOTAL                                                                                16,560.87

Stoner made a motion to pay claims, Oelke seconded, and motion carried 4-0.

The list of delinquent water and sewer patrons was reviewed. Shut-offs have been sent to: Dale Bailey, Ashley Field, Amanda Herald

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.


                                                                             Village Clerk-Treasurer





A complete and current copy of these proceedings is available for

inspection at the Village Office during normal business hours.