July 11, 2012


The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Unadilla, Nebraska, was held on Wednesday, July 11, 2012, 7:30 p.m. at the Unadilla Community Library. Notice of said meeting and proposed agenda of then known subjects was given by posting in the three following places within the Village: Countryside Bank, Post Office, and Community Center Notice Board; and by serving a copy of said notice to each member of the Board of Trustees more than 5 days prior to said meeting. Trustees present: Dan Crownover, Dale Stoner, Janet Oelke, and Lynn Schomerus. Absent and not voting:  Arliss Wassenberg. Visitors:  none.

 Chairman Crownover called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. He reminded everyone of the location of the Open Meetings Act Poster.

Oelke made a motion to approve the June 2012 minutes, Schomerus seconded, and motion carried 4-0.

Stoner made a motion to approve the June 2012 treasurer’s report, Oelke seconded, motion carried 4-0.


          The amount of the Keno check was $1359.41.

          Water consumed: 910,000; water paid for: 829,000; balance for month:

 -81,000; YTD: +15,000.

          The wiring/generator project was tabled.

          There were no public comments.

          In Schoolhouse items, the mirror project was tabled until Laramie Werner can come to a meeting.

          No action was taken on the paving project.


          The Everbridge Emergency Notification System was discussed. Wilhelm will include the link in the Unadilla News and on the website.

          Schomerus made a motion to approve the Special License for The Bar for August 25, 2012. Stoner seconded, motion carried 4-0.

          As there were no protests, Oelke made a motion to approve an Annual Catering License for The Bar. Schomerus seconded, motion carried 4-0.

          Stoner made a motion to approve Ben Leseberg as a new member to the Fire Department. Schomerus seconded, motion carried 4-0.

          The following are current Fire & Rescue personnel:

July 11, 2012   page 2

Sharon Baker                         Chuck Porter

Annette Block                         Ed Reed

Rick Block                              Kathryn Romine

Tom Block                              Irene Rodaway

Bill Davis                                 Donna Speth

Gerry Davis                            Tiffany Rodaway

Don Flessner                         Betty Vodicka

Gordon Hopp                         Ron Vodicka

Jeff Huber                              Steve Vodicka

Kenneth Johnson                   Wendy Werner

Ben Leseberg                        Jimmie Lewis

Clayton Lewis                         Jon Vodicka

Linda Liesemeyer                  Tyler Crownover

Edith Pickerill

          Schomerus made a motion to certify Fire & Rescue personnel for insurance purposes, Oelke seconded, and motion carried.

          Stoner made a motion to donate $100 from the BBQ proceeds to Girl Scout Troop #21 for the outstanding job they did at the BBQ.

The following claims were reviewed for July payment:

4977          Dan Masters                 BBQ                                500.00

4978          MK Meats                      BBQ                              1307.01

4979          The Bar                         BBQ                                503.50

4980          Robert Wilhelm           

4981           Barb Wilhelm                wages/80                       1007.20

4982          Linda Effle                    wages/52.5                              454.83

4983           Dwight Kastens            wages/131                     1321.72

4984          Dan Crownover            wages                               70.76

4985           Dale Stoner                  wages                               47.17

                   Arliss Wassenberg      wages                               

4986           Janet Oelke                  wages                               47.17

4987           Lynn Schomerus          wages                               47.17

4988          Dan Crownover            street repair                    485.00

4989           Seneca Sanitation                                              2108.00

AWD          IRS                               941 tax                           708.43                                      IRS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    941 tax                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             686.23

4990           N.C. Utilities                                                        1435.76

4991           Windstream                  office phone                     57.06

AWD          OPPD                           water                                 15.67                        

July 11, 2012   page 3

4992           RWD#3                         water                             2206.50

AWD           NE Dept of Rev            sales tax                          326.90

AWD           NE Dept of Rev            SWH                               120.00 

4993          Zito                                hsi                                      84.26

4994          Syr Motor Supply                   street                                          23.97

4995          TR Unadilla Mart           water/park                       198.55              

4996          City of Syracuse           str sweeping                   900.00

4997          Keim Farm Equip         street                                           19.97

4998          Beatrice Concrete        str repair                           218.93

4999          Pete’s Plumbing           replace valves              3672.12

5000          NE PHE Lab                 water                                  10.00

5001          RWD #3                        parts                                 166.00

5002          Gr Plains 1-Call            hotline                                  2.02

5003          Midwest Farmers Coop   spray                            176.85

5004          Syr Iron Works             street                                           44.82

5005          Gatehouse Media         adv                                     16.21

5006          Dan’s Tire                     street                                           63.38

5007          Jeff Vogt                       sewer                               386.58

5008          Kimbell Const               trench@Park                    200.00

5009          NE Dept of Rev            keno tax                           987.00

5010          Troop #21                     help at BBQ                     100.00

TOTAL                                                                                20,372.42

Oelke made a motion to pay claims, Stoner seconded, and motion carried 4-0.

The list of delinquent water and sewer patrons was reviewed. Shut-offs have been sent to: Charlotte Isaacs, Ron Isaacs, Helen Baker McKinney, Aaron Paul, and Shon Ryan.

In correspondence, Clerk reported Kimbell Const. could install mirrors for $200 or less; Board members were advised of the JEO Golf Scramble in Nebr. City; and Clerk reported that Dwight Kastens would like someone to assist him, especially this winter.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.


                                                                             Village Clerk-Treasurer


A complete and current copy of these proceedings is available for

inspection at the Village Office during normal business hours.