Belated Birthday wishes to

Bill Davis who celebrated 11-13.

Thank you to the Otoe County Museum of Memories for loaning us

the uniforms of Larry Stoner and Verda Fentiman to display in our

Veterans Room for the coffee held last Friday, 11-11. Thanks to 

Peggy Leefers, Corinne Zahn, and Bob Wilhelm for all the help, and

to Peggy Leefers and Glenda Willnerd for the cookies and donuts.

Leefers also has donated a beautiful set of postcards from Camp

Ashland from the early 1920's.

Veterans Coffee_2016_001_500

Just a few of the postcards from Camp Ashland

Veterans Coffee_2016_008_500

Looking at postcards: Dean & Donna Speth, Jean & Marvin Lucas

Jeannie Steinkuhler and Jim & Marilyn Schreiner have donated

paper memorabilia, which is being prepared for viewing. We are

still looking for service photos to display on our "Wall of Heroes".

The crowd was small but we had a great time, and as always, I

learned things I didn't know.

Veterans Coffee_2016_002_500

Dress uniform of Larry Stoner

Veterans Coffee_2016_005_500

Jack Stilwell and Lois Ebert

Mary Ann Wenninghoff brought in her finished mat that she

crocheted for a homeless Veteran and it will be sent to Omaha.

Also a big thank you to Steve & Judy Vampola for their generous

donation. It is most appreciated. Hope to see you all next year!

Veterans Coffee_2016_009_500

Mary Ann Wenninghoff displaying the mat she crocheted. Verda

Fentiman uniforms in the background

Continued get well wishes to Rose Marie Brandt, Kate Lucas,

and Mary Margaret Clark.

Dog owners reminder: According to the Village Dog Ordinance,

when your dog leaves your property it should be on a leash. If you

walk it or let it run in the playground area at the Community Center

or at the Park, it is YOUR responsibility to clean up the poop.

Please consider others who also use these facilities.

Hasn't our weather just been incredible? It is so heartwarming to

drive past our park, and see so many people using it. Yesterday 

there were folks walking on the path and lots of kids playing on

the equipment. So proud to be a member of this community!

Thanks to these All-Fund Drive contributors: Peggy Leefers,

Philip & Glenda Willnerd, Ernest Schmucker, Lois Watermeier,

Vaughn & Dana Pester, Kastens Electric, Steve & Betty Vodicka,

In Memory of Marcia Abbott, Sheila & Charles Downey, Dean &

Donna Speth, Robert & Cheryl Doeden, James & Diana Walters,

Leona Lewis, Larry Larson & Gerri Eisenhauer. Just a few of

the reasons for our great community!

Rehab 1_001500

Rehab 2_001_500



11-16   Marvin Lucas, Christina Long

11-17   Darren Donovan

11-18   Amber Kempkes

11-19   Kirsten Lewis, Lynn & Anita Schomerus

11-20   Dean & Sonya Achen

11-21   Amy Vodicka Rohlfs, Frank & Joyce Schulze,

Chris & Taylor Dankleff

11-22 Gavin Wardyn, Todd & Corinne Zahn,

Harvey & Maureen Vogt


1916 Model_T

Friday, 11-17-1916, The Otoe Union:

"The cold snap of Sunday caught a number of car owners and

several frozen radiators and cracked engines were reported."

Emil Specht sold his 40 acres 3 1/2 miles south of Unadilla to

Carson Davis for $145/acre; he would move to Anselmo, NE,

where he purchased 250 acres. John Bugler died at the home of

Taylor Graham and was buried in the Unadilla Cemetery.

Life 500



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"Twas the Night Before Christmas"  December 3 - 13


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9-3   Fresno State @NE   43-10

9-10   Wyoming @NE   52-17

9-17   Oregon @NE   35-32

9-24   Northwestern @Evanston   24-13

10-1   Illinois @NE   31-16

10-15   Indiana @Bloomington   27 - 22

10-22   Purdue @NE   27 - 14

10-29   Wisconsin @Madison   17-23

11-5   Ohio State @Columbus   3 - 63

11-12   Minnesota @NE   24-17

11-19   Maryland @NE

11-25   Iowa @Iowa City





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