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Sat Dec 15
Gym - Babbette McWilliams
Sat Dec 15 @09:00 - 11:00AM
Library Open
Sun Dec 16
Gym - Brady Halvorsen
Mon Dec 17 @04:30 - 06:00PM
Gym - Brandt BB
Mon Dec 17 @06:00 - 07:00PM
Gym - Kristen Walters Boot Camp
Wed Dec 19 @04:30 - 06:00PM
Gym - Brandt BB
Wed Dec 19 @06:00 - 07:00PM
Gym - Kristen Walters Boot Camp
Wed Dec 19 @07:30 - 08:30PM
Gym - Murrell VB
Fri Dec 21
SDA early dismissal
Fri Dec 21 @06:00 - 07:00PM
Gym - Kristen Walters Boot Camp

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Newsletter 12-28-2016 PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Happy New_Year


Thanks so much to these All Fund Drive contributors:

Gerry & Cherrie Davis, Sam & Leisha Pickerill, and Don & Linda

Esch. Thanks for thinking of us during this busy season!

sending feel_better_wishes

Get well wishes to Donna Speth and continued get well wishes

to Bruce Hassler and Todd Zahn.

Santa at_the_Beach

Hope Santa found your house OK and that he brought you

lots of great presents besides the warm weather! Remembering

the first Christmas after we'd moved back to Unadilla in 1982.

We lived where the Wardyn's live now and it was so warm out

the Bassinger kids came over and there was a great football

game in the front yard. I have pictures!!!

shoveling snow

You know we will have a big snow eventually this winter.

Dwight and Arlin would like to remind new residents to move

their vehicles off the street when he is plowing snow. Main

Street, and exit/enter streets are done first. Then north/south

streets, the first being past the Community Center. Next the

east/west streets, and lastly, the alleys. Thanks in advance

for your help and patience.

On another note, have you noticed the speed bump coming

into town is gone and all the other improvements made

on our streets?

Thanks to the Village Board of Trustees: Dan Crownover,

Dale Stoner, Lynn Schomerus, Janet Oelke, and Scott Hincker.

Water drops

Did you know that of all the earth's water, 97% is salt water

found in oceans and seas? Only 1% of the earth's water is

available for drinking, and 2% of all water is frozen. How 

lucky we are here in Nebraska.

Happy Birthday_add-ons

Belated birthday wishes to Lyndon Brehm

who celebrated birthday #1 on 12-26.



12-28   Randy & Megan Brehm

12-29   Wyatt Petersen

12-30   Tucker Crownover, Aaron Kempkes

1-1   Aaron Bailey, Tyler Crownover, Linda Carmichael

1-2   Gerri Eisenhauer

1-3   Glen Wyatt

Friday, 12-29-1916, The Otoe Union:

Ice Skater_with_Pillow_300

"Skating is all the go here now." Christmas day ended with a

noisy thunderstorm and .49" of rain. The William Kent family

moved to town. William Callaway, Burlington, Colorado, was

visiting his brothers, A.J. and Lou. Mamie Rankin had her

appendix removed at the Syracuse hospital.

Be the_best_you_can_be_500




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Cass Co_job_500

Beef _Booze_500

Eagle Grocery_500


The SCC Winter 2017 catalog just hit mailboxes and it is the first quarter for the new SCC Learning Center at Plattsmouth!  We are thrilled to be supporting Cass County and look forward to broadening our horizons! 

I love to hear class ideas and from folks who want to instruct and of course from those interested in our classes! 

Be a part of the first classes offered at the SCC Learning Center at Plattsmouth!  We have something of interest for everyone, including:

  • Computer Basics 
  • Jazzercize
  • Old Time Insulator Coat Rack
  • Get a New Perspective: 3-Perspective Drawing Techniques AND Interior Views
  • Scrapbooking
  • Funk up Your Junk
  • American History I (credit)
  • Introduction to Business (credit)
  • Interpersonal Relations (credit)
  • And more credit and leisure to YOUR interest!

    Lyn Belitz
    Plattsmouth Learning Center Coordinator
    537 Main St Plattsmouth NE 68048 (402) 437-2298 Learning Center at Plattsmouth

    southeast blacksmall




     Land Auction_499

    Lego Challenge_500


    554987 564446506951366_394231885_n

    9-3   Fresno State @NE   43-10

    9-10   Wyoming @NE   52-17

    9-17   Oregon @NE   35-32

    9-24   Northwestern @Evanston   24-13

    10-1   Illinois @NE   31-16

    10-15   Indiana @Bloomington   27 - 22

    10-22   Purdue @NE   27 - 14

    10-29   Wisconsin @Madison   17-23

    11-5   Ohio State @Columbus   3 - 63

    11-12   Minnesota @NE   24-17

    11-19   Maryland @NE  28 - 7

    11-25   Iowa @Iowa City   10-40

    12-30   Music City Bowl