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7:30 p.m. in the Library

Get well wishes to Ross McWilliams.

Condolences to the family and friends of Norene Kimbell Steele

on the loss of her husband Fred.

Early Spring_Groundhog

Groundhog Day started out with a wonderful breakfast at The

Bar with a large crowd attending. Unadilla Bill did NOT see his

shadow, so that means an early spring.

2-2-2017 007_500

Bob Brandt, Unadilla Bill, Brody Brandt

Bill was feeling a little sentimental that morning and composed a

short poem read by the head of the Central Committee, Bob Brandt.

The celebration took up again that evening with a Post Kings & 

Queens reception, also at The Bar. Again there was 

a large crowd.

The official celebration, which was held Saturday, February 4,

was a day filled with sunshine but a brisk and chilly wind. The

gymnasium was filled with vendors; the Resource Room, History

Room, and Veterans Room had  record numbers of visitors.

Ghog 2017_005_crop_500

There was a silent auction, small barn quilts for sale, and the Better

BAC's provided lunch out of the old kitchen.

Ghog 2017_001_crop_500

Husking hooks and other farm mementos collected by

Gene West

Ghog 2017_006_crop_500


Ghog 2017_007_500

All the children loved the trains in the History Room.

Way to go Corey Schulze!

Ghog 2017_008_500

Cindi Bassinger & family view displays in the Veterans Room.


If you won a silent auction item, please pick them up as soon as

possible. The Christian Church had lots of goodies for sale! The 

library had old and new books for sale and provided children with

goodie bags until they ran out. They also had Ron Wenninghoff's

DVD playing the entire time. These can be purchased through

the Library for $5.00 each. Check in with the Village Office

about items left in the gym.

Ghog 2017_012_crop_500

Regan Anson

Regan Anson, Nebraska 150 Celebration Committee, spoke to 90+

visitors on the schedule of upcoming events, and was gracious

enough to answer the audiences questions afterwards. She 

provided handouts, web addresses, and general Nebraska

information. Hats off to Gera Stilwell, who answered all the

questions of Nebraska trivia!

The Methodist Church also provided a noon meal, as did the 

Boy Scouts at the Duncan Building.

Ghog 2017_030_500

Heartland Nuts 'N More

The nut grower's association had a booth and as usual had yummy

treats and unusual nut based items; the Girl Scouts had Groundhog

items for sale, and all this was accompanied by Nina Jean Rohlfs

on her keyboard.

Michele & Matt Capps were in charge of the soup, Spam, and jerky

contest, although the number of entries was small. 

Ghog 2017_013_crop_500

Returning judges:

Jason Hurt, Aaron Rule, Gabe Meints

Spam Division: 1st to Nancy Gerking, and 2nd to Nina Jean Rohlfs;

Veggie Soup Division: 1st to Nina Jean Rohlfs, and 2nd to Chuck

Porter; Chili Division: 1st to Steve Cooper, and 2nd to Arlin Rohlfs,

and Jerky Division: 1st: "Hot Pepper Quinn" from Harper Wilhelm,

2nd: "Rocket Pride Claire" from Presley Wilhelm, and 3rd "Big

Red Gracie" from Reagan Wilhelm. Congratulations to all!

Raffle winners: Samantha Hoy 1st and Melissa Boldt 2nd.

Ghog 2017_028_500

Groundhog #1, Kathy Shane, Unadilla Bill, Allen Shane, 

Groundhog #2, Pastor Sandy Denton

This year we had a new and wonderful treat before the parade:

Allen & Kathy Shane from Lakeland, Florida, renewed their

wedding vows on Main Street in front of the "Official" Groundhog

Falcon. Pastor Sandy Denton of the Christian Church performed

the ceremony. The couple was married 15 years ago on 

Groundhog Day; they also rode in the parade.

Color Guard_2017_500

Leading the parade was the Color Guard comprised of men from

Massie-Richards American Legion Post #100 and VFW Post #5547:

Keith Goering, Eldon Halm, Lyle Gartner, Bob Wilhelm, Jerry Goering

(photo: Amy Bryan)

Governor Pete Ricketts, Senator Dan Watermeier, and County

Commissioner Dean Speth also participated. There were 55 entries

all together. 1st place went to Syracuse Girl Scouts Troops

#20579 and #20835. and 2nd place was "Freedom - I Salute You";

a Deuce 'N Half used in Desert Storm and driven by retired

Army Command Sergeant Major Greg McBride and retired Army

Command Sergeant Major Troy Johnson. The vehicle was restored

in 2012. McBride and Johnson served overseas in Saudi Arabia,

Kuwait, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sinai Egypt, and Afghanistan.

Another first for 2017: the parade was covered by drones!

Ghog 2017_175_500

Parade attendees were estimated from 400-500 people. Thanks

so much to Bill Farmer and Perry Stoner for their "Master of

Ceremonies" duties. And after the parade, Gov. Ricketts signed

a new proclamation declaring Unadilla the Official Groundhog

Capital of Nebraska.

Ghog 2017_183_crop_500

2017 Royalty: Queen Carolyn Kastens & King Mike Leefers

Then it was back to The Bar for the Kinq and Queen Coronation.

As usual it was a tight race but in the end Carolyn Kastens and

Mike Leefers were crowned by last year's royal couple, Shirley

Fensler and Tom Hruby. This contest raised $3730 for the

Fire Dept., Rescue Squad, and Unadilla Area Fund. We would

like to than everyone who donated in support of this great cause.

Thanks also to Dwight Kastens and Arlin Rohlfs for cleaning up

the streets and sidewalks; and "sprucing up" in general. As I say

every year, this type of event "takes a village" and almost everyone

in our little village participates in one way or another. Thank you 

seems hardly enough, but thank you anyway. We had a great

time and we hope to see you next year on Saturday, 

February 3. Please click on the "Events" tab above to see all

the photos. (There are so many, please give me a week!)



2-8   Nyle Bartling

2-10   Pat Lechner, Erin Brehm Steinhoff

2-14   Cooper Oelke, Jackie McWilliams Katchaturian


Commercial House_300

Friday, 2-9-1917, The Otoe Union:

R. Reasoner sold the Commercial Hotel to Taylor Graham.

The Village Board voted to approve the waterworks bonds and

it would be voted on by the residents in the spring election. Holly

Luff returned home after finishing at the business college in

Lincoln. Chub Shreeves, former resident, was in town

buying horses.

Kindness 001_500

February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day





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Murder Mystery_Dinner 

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Schoolhouse Celtic Fiddling Camp

three fiddlers

For fiddlers, violists, mandolinists, guitarists, and ukulele

Music from Ireland, Scotland & Wales will be featured.


Wednesday, March 15 - Friday, March 17

9 a.m. - 12:00 Noon

One day: $60.00

Two days: $110.00

Three days: $150.00

For more information go to:


May you_always

Greenblatt & Seay's Schoolhouse Performance Series

features a concert of Irish Music on Sunday, March 12,

at 2:30 p.m. in the Old Avoca, Nebraska Schoolhouse.


Adults: $10.00

Students & Senior Citizens: $5.00

Children: $1.00

Seating is limited - Call 402-275-3221

4 - 1 - 2017

"Rural Route Rust"

10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Bloom Where You're Planted Farm

Avoca, Nebraska

Spring Celebration_500

Exotic Animal_Rescue_500

6 - 3 - 2017

Flea Market & Swap Meet

Hamburg, Iowa

Summer Day_Camps_500

Touch a_Tractor_500

Summer Splash_500


554987 564446506951366_394231885_n

9-3   Fresno State @NE   43-10

9-10   Wyoming @NE   52-17

9-17   Oregon @NE   35-32

9-24   Northwestern @Evanston   24-13

10-1   Illinois @NE   31-16

10-15   Indiana @Bloomington   27 - 22

10-22   Purdue @NE   27 - 14

10-29   Wisconsin @Madison   17-23

11-5   Ohio State @Columbus   3 - 63

11-12   Minnesota @NE   24-17

11-19   Maryland @NE  28 - 7

11-25   Iowa @Iowa City   10-40

12-30   Music City Bowl

Tennessee 38 - Nebraska 24


4-15   Red/White Game

9-2   Arkansas State @NE

9-9   Oregon

9-16   Northern Illinois @NE

9-23   Rutgers @NE

9-30   Illinois

10-7   Wisconsin @NE

10-14   Ohio State @NE

10-28   Purdue

11-4   Northwestern @NE

11-11   Minnesota

1-18   Penn State

11-24   Iowa @NE


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"May the work I have done speak for me."