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Please note the Library will be closed

Saturday morning, November 25.

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Dean Speth, Jack Stilwell, Marvin Lucas, Donna Speth

The Veterans Rooms was open on 11-11 and a small crowd

enjoyed coffee and cookies. There were some great

conversations and as always, I learned some things I didn't

know before. We are adding displays to this room all the 

time. If you haven't brought in your photo to add to our

"Wall", please do so; the children who visit this room

love to look at them.

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Lois Ebert, Jack Stilwell, Jean Lucas, Donna Speth

Gang of_Dogs

New residents and dog owners: Please license your

animals. The fee is only $5 and it assures everyone the

animal has had its rabies shots and if the dog should happen

to get loose, we can return it to the proper home. Also, according

to the Village Dog Ordinance, when your dog leaves your

property it should be on a leash. If you walk it or let it run in

the playground area at the Community Center or at the

Park, it is YOUR responsibility to clean up the poop.

Please consider others who also use these facilities.


Thank you to these generous All Fund Drive contributors:

Danny & Rita Mitchell, Chuck Bjork & Bev Wilhelm, Larry

& Rose Halvorsen, Lois Johnson, Linda Liesemeyer, Dallas

& Cheryl Royal, Lois Watermeier, Steve Windhorst Cattle Co.,

Countryside Bank, Bob & Barb Brandt, Deb McGowan,

Sue & Al Saathoff, Robert & Cheryl Doeden, Bev & Dan

Crownover, Delbert Eickhoff, Ron & Mary Ann Wenninghoff,

Randy & Nancy Crownover, Jim & Diana Walters, and

Thomas McGowan.

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11-16   Marvin Lucas, Chris Long

11-17   Darren Dovovan

11-18   Amber Kempkes, Gerry & Cherie Davis

11-19   Kirsten Lewis, Lynn & Anita Schomerus

11-20   Dean & Sonya Achen

11-21   Amy Vodicka Rohlfs, Frank & Joyce Schulze,

Chris & Taylor Dankleff, Betsy Brandt Pavelka,

Walker Ray Lechner

11-22   Gavin Wardyn, Todd & Corinne Zahn,

Harvey & Maureen Vogt


Boy Scout_200

Friday, 11-16-1917, The Otoe Union:

Effective December 1 postal rates would be:

letter 3 cents and postcards 2 cents. "Tom Lucas shipped

a car load of sheep to Omaha." The Boy Scout Troop

began their 3rd year with 18 members. Land between

Syracuse and Unadilla sold for $265/acre. It was the

highest price ever paid for land in the county.

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Lofte Veteran_concert

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2017-11-08 NEH_UMC_AUCTION

2017-11-01 Garage_Estate_Sale


FT  Night Charge Nurse (3, 12-hr shifts weekly including every

other weekend), PT Night Charge Nurse, FT Evening CNA's, 

Weekends Only CNA's all shifts, PT Dietary Assistants 

(1-8:30 p.m.). FT Maintenance Workers. 

Free Single Coverage Medical, Dental, Vision; PayFlex;

401K Plan; Educational Assistance. Competitive Wages

and a Superior Working Environment. Apply in person at

1300 Avenue D, Plattsmouth, NE

or call (402) 296-7300 for more information.


for application - then hand deliver or mail.

** Must pass pre-employment physical, drug test,

and background checks.



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Ag Land_Mgt_Workshop_Dec_4_2017_500





Masonic Home

Garage Sale

Check out all the garage sales in

Cass, Otoe and Sarpy Counties here:


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9-2   Arkansas State @NE   WON 43-36

9-9   Oregon   LOST 42-35

9-16   Northern Illinois @NE   LOST 21-17

9-23   Rutgers @NE   WON 27-17

9-29   Illinois   WON  28-6

10-7   Wisconsin @NE   LOST 38-17

10-14   Ohio State @NE   LOST 56-14

10-28   Purdue   WON 25-24

11-4   Northwestern @NE   LOST 31-24

11-11   Minnesota

1-18   Penn State

11-24   Iowa @NE

12-2   Big 10 Championship Game


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