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Gym - Kristen Walters Boot Camp
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Katherine Knake_490

Kathy Knake, Unadilla

Annette Lavelle_490

Annette Lavelle, Syracuse

Thanks to Mary Hanke for the photos of the

Quilts of Valor presentation at the Women's Honor Flight

pre-celebration Sunday evening. Members of Mary Katherine

Goddard DAR, Palmyra Legion Auxiliary, the the Palmyra

Quilts of Valor were among the presenters.

Cowboy susnset_300

Condolences to the many family and friends of Billy Ray

Davis. He fought a good fight and will certainly be missed

at our house. Growing up in Unadilla, he was always

involved to the benefit of our community.

The Museum of Memories in Syracuse will be closing

for the winter after this Sunday, September 30. It's

still not too late to see the wedding displays!

New Books_490

More new books at the Library - stop in and check

them out!

Continued get well wishes for Phil Willner and Teri 

Aernie and new wishes for Sandy Denton.


Watch for the flyer on the Rescue Squad garage sale

on October 13 - lots of great items you'll want to look at!

Sunday, the Schulze family celebrated the 80th birthday

of Frank and the 50th birthday of Corey. It was held at the

gym and there were mountains of yummy food. Lot of

friends and family showed up to help them celebrate and

attendees brought contributions for the local Food Bank.

Great times!

Halloween night_2

Want to share your old photos of Halloween and those

amazing costumes? Send them to me at 

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Spread the love!!!

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9-28   Rick Block, Dale & Karen Isaacs

9-30   Patrick & Rebecca Lechner



american gothic

Friday, 9-28-1918, The Otoe Union:

Dr. Williams was at Syracuse a few days assisting 

Dr. Hillis with operations. Clothing for women and 

children in Belgium and France were collected and

shipped in hopes of arriving before their winter.

Henry E. Beckard reported to Camp Pike, Arkansas;

Paul B. Hair, Lorenz W. Miesbach, Jennings Bryan

Roberts, Paul E. Watts, and Henry A. Stilwell were

to report to Camp Funston.

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Big tobacco_490

When: November 3 - 4, 2018

Where: The Leadership Center, Aurora, NE

Cost: FREE (We'll even pick you up!)

Big Tobacco has a long history of marketing it's deadly products to youth though manipulation and deception, and we've seen it all and had enough of it! As youth, we have the power to change the social norm created by Big Tobacco and celebrate our collaborative achievements. Awareness and unification are keys to our success in the past and moving forward.

Our applications are now available to be filled out online!

Click here to submit your application or download the PDF and fill it out offline.

Applications are due Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018.

Questions? Call 866.394.8336 or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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 Fall Quilt_Show_500

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2018-07-04 WW_MEM_LANE_Brown_Bag_1

Lewis _Clark_Center_500

MAY 1 - SEPTEMBER 30, 2018

MON - SAT   9 - 6

SUN   9 - 5

2018-02-07 CCMT_Feb

September 29 - Fred Larson &Friends

October 13 - FREE ADMISSION!  CCMT Anniversary Show!

October 27 - Frank Bigelow & Friends

November 10 - Warren Brewer & Friends

November 24 - Josh Krohn & Dirty River Ramblers

December 8 - Christmas Show,

(Young musicians, up to 16 years old will be entertaining!)

** 7 PM, MONDAY, December 31, New Year's Eve Party!


554987 564446506951366_394231885_n

9-1   Akron @ Nebraska   (Cancelled due to rain)

9-8   Colorado @Nebraska   LOST 33-28

9-15   Troy @ Nebraska   LOST 24-19

9-22   Michigan @ Ann Arbor   LOST 56-10

9-29   Purdue @Nebraska

10-6   Wisconsin @Madison

10-13   Northwestern @Evanston

10-20   Minnesota @Nebraska

11-3   Ohio State @Columbus

11-10   Illinois @Nebraska

11-17   Michigan State @Nebraska

11-23   Iowa @Iowa City


Send me your ideas, photos, and news at:

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Or leave me a message at: 402-828-5705

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"May the work I have done speak for me."