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Oak tree at the Western Wilhelm Outpost

Supper guests of Frank & Joyce Schulze on October 15 were:

Emma Porter, Riley Porter, Chuck & Susanna Porter, and

Corey Schulze and Sharon Demaree. Also attending were

3 friends of Emma's, who are exchange students at UNK, where

Emma is also a student. They were: Nanami Fujita from Osaka,

Japan, Yunjin Kwon from Goyang-Si, South Korea, and Benedikt

Kramer from Augsburg, Germany. It was a most enjoyable

evening, learning their impressions (they love Nebraska!) and

discussing the customs of each country.

Continued get well wishes to Gerry Davis and

Sandy Denton.

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Waubonsie 2018_018_490

Is it because of all the rain we've had lately that the fall

foliage is so beautiful? Bob and I visited one of our favorite

places this weekend, Waubansie State Park, near Hamburg,

Iowa. The view from the overlook is breathtaking. It was a 

busy place too. Apparently we weren't the only ones with the


Waubonsie 2018_006_490

We stopped at Mincer Orchard for a caramel apple and some

cider and the antique store in Hamburg for some enamelware.

Then we followed #275 down to Missouri and crossed the 

river at Brownville, which also had a lot going on.

Waubonsie 2018_013_490

Waubonsie 2018_001_490

The only mushroom we've ever found!

To finish the day we shared an Oreo stuffed chocolate

waffle cone at Sonic's. Great photos and memories -

doesn't get much better than that!

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The book “Killers of the Flower Moon:  The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI” has been chosen for the 2018 One Book—One Lincoln Community reading program.  The book revisits a shocking series of crimes in which dozens of people were murdered in cold blood. Based on years of research and startling new evidence, the book is a masterpiece of narrative nonfiction, as each step in the investigation reveals a series of sinister secrets and reversals. But more than that, it is a searing indictment of the callousness and prejudice toward American Indians that allowed the murderers to operate with impunity for so long. Your Unadilla Library has this fascinating read on its shelves — stop in and check it out.



Halloween's only a week away - have you got your

costume picked out?

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Happy Birthday_cupcake_300

10-25   Bob Bryan, Ted Oelke, Brenda DeGolyer

10-26   Kathryn Ganger

10-27   Gerry Davis

10-30   Alberta Block, Betty Block Burke


mailbox 3

Friday, 10-25-1918, The Otoe Union:

P.B. Hair sold his house to Ann Yeigh. Ruth Reasoner was the

new owner of the creamery, previously owned by P.B. Hair.

Burlington Railroad ad: "FILE NOW ON A HOMESTEAD IN 

THE BIG HORN BASIN. Lands with Government Irrigation

that Insures Water are Yet Available."

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October 27 - Frank Bigelow & Friends

November 10 - Warren Brewer & Friends

November 24 - Josh Krohn & Dirty River Ramblers

December 8 - Christmas Show,

(Young musicians, up to 16 years old will be entertaining!)

** 7 PM, MONDAY, December 31, New Year's Eve Party!


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9-1   Akron @ Nebraska   (Cancelled due to rain)

9-8   Colorado @Nebraska   LOST 33-28

9-15   Troy @ Nebraska   LOST 24-19

9-22   Michigan @ Ann Arbor   LOST 56-10

9-29   Purdue @Nebraska   LOST 42-28

10-6   Wisconsin @Madison   LOST 41-24

10-13   Northwestern @Evanston   LOST 34-31

10-20   Minnesota @Nebraska   WON 53-28

11-3   Ohio State @Columbus

11-10   Illinois @Nebraska

11-17   Michigan State @Nebraska

11-23   Iowa @Iowa City


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