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(Wednesday, 11-14-2018)

7:30 P.M. at the Library

Public is always welcome

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Thank you to these generous All Fund Drive contributors:

Chuck Bjork & Bev Wilhelm, Danny & Rita Mitchell, Arlin &

Ninajean Rohlfs, Frank & Joyce Schulze, John & Gera 

Stilwell, Vaughn & Dana Pester, Dallas & Cheryl Royal,

Lois Johnson, Ron & Mary Ann Wenninghoff, Darin & 

Michelle Ziemann, Thomas McGowan, Henje Plumbing,

Paul & Susan Jackson, Roland Rodaway, Delbert Eickhoff,

and Jim & Diana Walters.

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Veterans All_Wars

Veterans Day was celebrated on many occasions the past

week. A speaker on the news suggested instead of saying to a

Veteran "Thank You for Your Service" say "Never Forget" instead.

What do you think? After hearing about Deputy Parson's

speech at the program Monday morning, I wish I could have

attended, it brought me to tears, always admired him and noe

there's even more reason to do so. We have heroes every-

where, if we just take the time to look and listen. "Some

people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever

made a difference in the world. A veteran doesn't have that

problem." - Ronald Reagan

If you haven't brought in your photo to add to our

Veterans "Wall" please do so; the children who visit love

to look at them.

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dog lease

New residents and dog owners: Please license your animals.

The fee is only $5 and it assures everyone the animal has 

had its rabies shots and if the dog should happen to get loose,

we can return it to the proper home. Also, according to the

Village Dog Ordinance, when your dog leaves your property

it should be on a leash. If you walk it or let it run in the play-

ground area at the Community Center or at the Park,

it is YOUR responsibility to clean up the poop. Please,

consider others who also use these facilities.

new mailbox

The Village has been contacted by the USPS about addresses

for the residents in town. They would like everyone to put

their addresses on their houses so that they can insure

proper delivery of mail.



11-14   Dale Isaacs, Madison Hillman

11-15   Linda Juilfs, Brody Hitzemann

11-16   Marvin Lucas, Christina Long

11-17   Darren Donovan

11-18   Amber Kempkes, Gerry & Cherie Davis

11-19   Kirsten Lewis, Lynn & Anita Schomerus

11-20   Dean & Sonya Achen


World War_1

Friday, 11-15-1918, The Otoe Union:

"Unadilla celebrated the close of the war right royally,

Monday (11-11-1918). They made the old town ring with bells,

guns, etc. North and South Russell has 35 loyal boys in camp

and in France, and plenty left if Uncle Sam needs them."

Arthur Ray Schulze died and was buried in the Unadilla

Cemetery. "Mr. & Mrs. Dolph Vaughan accompanied their

daughter, Mrs. Cora Hull, to Oklahoma Saturday where

they will spend the winter.

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2018-02-07 CCMT_Feb

November 24 - Josh Krohn & Dirty River Ramblers

December 8 - Christmas Show,

(Young musicians, up to 16 years old will be entertaining!)

2018-11-14 LSV_CCMT_Christmas_Show_2

** 7 PM, MONDAY, December 31, New Year's Eve Party!


554987 564446506951366_394231885_n

9-1   Akron @ Nebraska   (Cancelled due to rain)

9-8   Colorado @Nebraska   LOST 33-28

9-15   Troy @ Nebraska   LOST 24-19

9-22   Michigan @ Ann Arbor   LOST 56-10

9-29   Purdue @Nebraska   LOST 42-28

10-6   Wisconsin @Madison   LOST 41-24

10-13   Northwestern @Evanston   LOST 34-31

10-20   Minnesota @Nebraska   WON 53-28

10-27   Bethune-Cookman @Nebraska   WON 45-9

11-3   Ohio State @Columbus   LOST 36-31

11-10   Illinois @Nebraska   WON 54-35

11-17   Michigan State @Nebraska

11-23   Iowa @Iowa City


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