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Snow, snow, snow - guess we're

skipping fall this year!

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Remember to fly a flag on Friday, December 7th, in honor of

the 2000+ soldiers and sailors who lost their lives when Japan

bombed Pearl Harbor.

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Thank you so much to these generous All Fund Drive

contributors: Mark & Tammy Bayliss, Warren & Carole

Lashley, Eloise Stubbendeck, Rose M. Brandt, Karen

Hassler, Nancy Crownover, Larry Larson & Gerri Eisenhauer,

Tyler & Donna Rae Crownover, Jamison & Renee Jensen,

Bob & Barb Wilhelm, Jim & Mary Pope, Baillie Luff & Ben

Kroese, Ron & Julie Fechner, Dan's Tire & Repair, Jack

Stilwell, Milton & Barb Leefers, Rose Ann Duncan, Rick &

Annette Block, Harvey & Maureen Vogt, Lynn & Anita

Schomerus, Kastens Electric, Charles & Sheila Downey,

Troy Pabst, Rod & Jeanette Wellsandt, Randy & Jeanie

Steinkuhler, Jerry Sebek, Anonymous, Steve & Betty Vodicka,

Dean & Sonya Achen, John Moss, and Gerry & Cherie Davis.

You're helping to make a great community even better!

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Get well wishes to Danny Mitchell, Diane Gartner Genuchi, 

Dean Achen, and Dwight Kastens.


What was Christmas like when you were a kid? Please share

your favorite story with us. You decide if it's to be published!

We would like to collect them for our Resource Room.

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Please note: the Resource Room at the Community Center

will only be open by appointment during December and

January. Call me if you need to do some research.

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The gym reservations are filling up fast for the holidays -

have you made yours?

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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Chairman and Board of Trustees of the Village of Unadilla, Nebraska, will meet in a publicly convened session on Wednesday, December 12, 2018, at 7:30 p.m. at the Village Library, 770 G Street, Unadilla, Nebraska. The agenda of subjects to be considered at said meeting is kept continuously current and available for public inspection at the Village Office.

  1. Appoint Village Engineer for the year 2019
  2. Appoint Street Superintendent for the year 2019
  3. Salaries
  4. Reorganization


Except for items of an emergency nature, the agenda shall not be enlarged later than twenty-four hours before the scheduled commencement of the meeting. Any persons needing special accommodations should contact the Village Office at least five days prior to the meeting date.


                                                            Corinne K. Zahn, Village Clerk

I certify that the above notice of meeting was posted by me in the three following public places within the Village: Countryside Bank, Post Office, and Community Center message board on 12-03-2018, posted on on 12-05-2018, and not published in the Syracuse Journal-Democrat.


                                                            Corinne K. Zahn, Village Clerk



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12-6   Jaycah Huber, Perry Stoner

12-7   Cheryl Royal, Aurora Rowley

12-8   Kelsea Bayliss, Cheryl Ann Henry

12-10   Michael Bowersmith, Dave Hall, Renee Jensen

12-11   Peggy Leefers, Augustus John Hinrichsen


Old fashioned_wedding_bells

Friday, 12-6-1918, The Otoe Union:

Fred Schwartman and Mary Sewell were married at

Nebr. City. They would make their home 1/2 mile sourth

of Unadilla. Schools were closed again due to the flu.

"H.A. Luff is putting in his spare time trapping these days

and reports good success with the furry tribe."

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2018-11-14 LSV_CCMT_Christmas_Show_2

** 7 PM, MONDAY, December 31, New Year's Eve Party!


554987 564446506951366_394231885_n

9-1   Akron @ Nebraska   (Cancelled due to rain)

9-8   Colorado @Nebraska   LOST 33-28

9-15   Troy @ Nebraska   LOST 24-19

9-22   Michigan @ Ann Arbor   LOST 56-10

9-29   Purdue @Nebraska   LOST 42-28

10-6   Wisconsin @Madison   LOST 41-24

10-13   Northwestern @Evanston   LOST 34-31

10-20   Minnesota @Nebraska   WON 53-28

10-27   Bethune-Cookman @Nebraska   WON 45-9

11-3   Ohio State @Columbus   LOST 36-31

11-10   Illinois @Nebraska   WON 54-35

11-17   Michigan State @Nebraska   WON 9-6

11-23   Iowa @Iowa City   Lost 9-6


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