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7:30 p.m at Village Library

Public is always welcome

Christmas Ornaments

Tuesday afternoon, December 4th, the Unadilla Area Fund met

at the Duncan Building for a short business meeting and public

reception. Officers will remain the same as last year. The All

Fund Drive was discussed, we should have donations total soon.

Burton Brandt gave a final report on his Eagle Scout project for

which he planted several memorial trees in the Arboretum. He

will continue to care for the trees until he graduates High School.

New residents and old introduced themselves and told a little

bit about their family. Light refreshments were served. We are

so blessed to be part of this generous community! Next

meeting will be Tuesday, January 15, 2019, at the Community

Library, 10 a.m., to finalize preparations for Groundhog Day!

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Get well wishes to Scott Hitzemann.


christmas tree

Friday afternoon, December 7th, Bob Brandt received the

Jim Kluck Honor Award from the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum.

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It is amazing what this group has accomplished across the

state! Thank you Bob for all you've done for Unadilla; he's

planted countless numbers of trees, shrubs, and grasses for

anyone who would like to have them, and is the driving force

behind our community garden. Local attendees were: Barb

Brandt, Ron Fechner, Duane Nohavec, Perry Stoner, Mike,

Betsey & Jack Pavelka, Corinne Zahn, and Bob & Barb Wilhelm.

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Christmas Stocking

Sunday morning after the service, members of the Unadilla

Christian Church stuffed 180 Christmas stockings with candy,

games, hats and mittens, and beanie babies. This is an annual

tradition which began with Pastor Andy DeGolyer, continued by

Pastor Sandy Denton, and is chaired by Retha Neemann. 

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Thanks Retha, we know you work year round on this project

and we probably don't say how much we appreciate you often


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The first person in line and the oldest member, was Roland

Rodaway. Most of the stockings will go to children in Otoe and

Lancaster county and will be distributed through DHHS.

Thanks to everyone and especially those who carried the 

boxes up and out of the basement!



12-12   Bill Kea

12-13   Don Halbasch

12-15   Jonna Pester

12-16   Dylan Bartling, Leah Lewis

12-18   Eloise Stubbendeck, Hazel Ruth Wilhelm



Friday, 12-13-1918, The Otoe Union:

"Elmer Pohlman was discharged from Camp Pike and 

returned home to stay." Everyone was anxious for their

"sammies" to come home and for the food supplies to return

to normal. Charles W. Buchanan, owner of the butcher shop,

died and was buried at Park Hill Cemetery. Henry Arnold Stilwell

and William Arnold also died and both were buried in the

Unadilla Cemetery. All three of these men's deaths were 

attributed to the flu. (Just another reason to get that flu shot!)

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9-1   Akron @ Nebraska   (Cancelled due to rain)

9-8   Colorado @Nebraska   LOST 33-28

9-15   Troy @ Nebraska   LOST 24-19

9-22   Michigan @ Ann Arbor   LOST 56-10

9-29   Purdue @Nebraska   LOST 42-28

10-6   Wisconsin @Madison   LOST 41-24

10-13   Northwestern @Evanston   LOST 34-31

10-20   Minnesota @Nebraska   WON 53-28

10-27   Bethune-Cookman @Nebraska   WON 45-9

11-3   Ohio State @Columbus   LOST 36-31

11-10   Illinois @Nebraska   WON 54-35

11-17   Michigan State @Nebraska   WON 9-6

11-23   Iowa @Iowa City   Lost 9-6


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