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We heard Hwy #136 was now open to I-29 so we decided to check it out for ourselves. Wandering around Brownville, we admired the new house on the main street and discovered the Walnut Grove cemetery at the top of the hill. Just like the houses, some of the oldest in the state, so are some of the tombstones. It was surprisingly large and we found some pretty unique stones.

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Husband & Wife

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Permanent Decoration

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Little Brothers


Cossed the bridge at Brownville and saw nothing but water and collapsed bins and buildings until we got to Rockport. This city, boasting a population of over 1300, has a beautiful Veterans Memorial building on Main Street with a walk through memorial on the side. It was well designed, reverent and respectful, and that community should be proud of their effort.

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Then we took I-29 to Nebraska City and saw at the east end of the Missouri bridge that they have started to pour concrete in the north lanes. It was still a pretty long wait to get off I-29, but by the looks of the parking lots of the gas stations, it's not bothering travelers too much.




Sweet potatoes anyone? These are from Tom Block's garden. The can is for size comparison only!

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Saturday, 10-19, the Cub Scouts, led by Troy Nichols, and the Boy Scouts, led by Jarel Katen, plus parents and Unadilla residents, cleaned up the park after the tree cutting and trimming that took place a few days before. Thanks to all of them, to Dwight Kastens and Christensen Tree Service.

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Bob Brandt reports that a tree chair has been added and is available for photos and contemplation. He also says that 15-20 yards of mulch was spread by the volunteers to trees and shrubs throughout the arboretum site.

Helpers on the east side of the Arboretum using new tree chair 490

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Brandt stated that a matching grant of up to $5000 was provided by the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum. Approximately 120 volunteer hours will be credited to the matching grant to help reduce the cost of the clean up.

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Bob Brandt passes down the pruners to Sam Hincker

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This little helper came prepared!


Eight diseased and dying trees were removed, in addition to elevating trees along the walk path, and a major upgrade was provided to our heritage white mulberry tree. "It is now a picture perfect place to play and relax! Thanks to everyone who helped," stated Brandt. "Check out our progress and the memorial trees spread along the walk path. Watch for our Arbor Day celebration and tree giveaway this April."


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This diseased mulberry was almost 100 years old

Heritage tree 490

Heritage white mulberry

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 10 Balloons

10-25   Bob Bryan, Ted Oelke, Brenda DeGolyer

10-26   Kathryn Ganger

10-27   Gerry Davis





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Friday, 10-24-1919, The Otoe Union:

"Miss Seybert, the intermediate teacher, has resigned her post due to poor health." Floyd Luff, son of Albert, Unadilla, and Julia Hall, daughter of Charles, Elmwood, were wed and would live on a farm near Unadilla. "Big Dance - Lincoln Music - at Palmyra. Come and shake your feet."








            Date                                        Description                                                                Amount         

Jun 1993                   Purchase of building for office (333 Main)                                 8,500.00

Jul 1993                     Computer & copy machine                                                                         2,340.45

Jun 1993                   3 Used fireproof files                                                                        2,000.00

Sep 1993                   Conference table & chairs                                                              1,209.94

Oct 1993                    Painting @ office                                                                                 353.79

Sep 1993                   Doors, materials & labor                                                                     414.53

        “                                                                                                                                           162.00

        “                          Office supplies                                                                                      396.76

Aug 1993                   Programmer labor                                                                                  60.00

Aug 1993                   Labor                                                                                                      295.58

Sep 1993                   Carpet                                                                                                    488.57

Oct 1993                    Window coverings                                                                               382.70

        “                           Mail drop                                                                                                  27.67                                                                         

Feb 1994                   Labor to make drop box                                                                       35.00

        “                           Sand spreader                                                                                   3,237.50

April 1994                  Unadilla QRT donation                                                                    1,574.04

May 1994                   Unadilla QRT donation                                                                       282.90

May 1994                   Maryellen Doeden (1/2 of Audit)                                                       771.75

Nov 1994                   Unadilla QRT donation                                                                    3,500.00

Dec 1994                   Engineers fees-St. Imp. project                                                  22,500.00

Feb 1994                   Engineers fees-St. Imp. project                                                      7,000.00

Apr 1995                    BKD-keno audit                                                                                   950.00

Apr 1995                    Northern Natural Gas Co. (Tractor)                                               8,000.00

Aug 1995                   Painting of bleachers & park repairs                                                376.99

Oct 1995                    BKD-keno audit                                                                                1,025.00

Dec 1995                   Unadilla Rescue  donation                                                                         4,500.00

Aug 1996                   Unadilla School-library improvements                                          5,000.00

Jan 1997                   Paul Koehler-keno audit                                                                 1,442.50

Jan 1997                   Unadilla School-library donation                                                   2,000.00

Apr 1997                    Unadilla Rescue-automatic blood pressure machine                1500.00

Jul 1997                     Ne. Dept. of Rev. (Keno License)                                                     100.00

Jul 1997                     Capitol Concrete-park improvements                                               387.10

Aug 1997                   Unadilla Lumber-park imp. supplies                                                178.37

Sep 1997                   American Fence-park improvements                                               544.00

Oct 1997                    Unadilla Lumber-park imp. supplies                                                  74.20

Oct 1997                    Best Buy-computer, printer, monitor                                              2,092.50

Nov 1997                   Unadilla Lumber-park imp. supplies                                             1,167.99

Nov 1997                   Office Depot-office supplies                                                                39.95

Jan 1998                   Paul Koehler-keno audit                                                                 1,445.50

Feb 1998                   Unadilla PTO-computer software, library sup.                             5,000.00

Mar 1998                   Topkote, Inc.-street repairs                                                             6,580.46

May 1998                   Unadilla Lumber Co.-picnic table frames                                                    709.21

Jun 1998                   O-Z Disposal-cost of dumpsters for clean-up day                          340.80

Jul 1998                     Buel Trucking-armorcoat sand                                                       1,924.83

Jul 1998                     Buel Trucking-rock for alley behind Main St.                                 974.79

Aug 1998                   Unadilla Lumber-picnic table boards                                               263.53

Oct 1998                    Unadilla Fire Dept- defibrillator &breathing apparatus                          7,600.00

Oct 1998                    Unadilla School-donation for spec. supplies                                   50.00

Apr 1999                    Paul Koehler-keno audit                                                                1,548.00

Jul 1999                     Ne. Dept. of Rev.-keno license renewal                                         100.00

Nov 1999                   Unadilla School-copy & newsletter paper                                        41.12

Apr 2000                    Paul Koehler-keno audit                                                                1,487.00

May 2000                   Unadilla School-newsletter paper                                                     20.70

Jul 2000                     Una. Fire Dept.-rep. & equip. donation                                         3,000.00

   “     “              Ken Keber-fire vehicle-donation                                                    4,000.00

Aug 2000                   Unadilla Foundation- playground equipment at school                         7500.00

Sep 2000                   Una. Fire & Rescue- lights & equip on additional vehicle         2000.00                    

May 2002                   Paul Koehler - keno audit                                                                 474.00

Aug 2002                   Donation to Community Club                                                          1000.00

Oct 2002                    Cement slab for picnic tables                                                          7660.00                                            Replace & repair rock wall - park                                                    4626.86

Nov 2002                   Confined entry harness & gas monitor                                          3920.90

Nov 2003                   Playground equip, site prep, wood chips                                   28,585.19

Mar 2007                   Scoreboard & controller                                                                    3792.15

Aug 2008                   Ambulance donation                                                                      10,000.00

Oct 2008                    New toilets at Park                                                                           20,981.33

Jun 2009                   benches/trash cans Main Street                                                     7681.00

Dec 2010                   Schoolhouse & grounds                                                                35,231.00

“        “                          Security System                                                                               2,500.00

Sep 2011                   Bowflex for exercise room                                                                  487.00

Oct 2011                    Tractor                                                                                                23,000.00

July 2014                   3 New Smoke Detectors for Comm Ctr                                             933.00

Aug 2014                   Shingle Roof Comm Ctr                                                                 18,700.00

Sept 2014                  Gutters for Gym Roof                                                                        2,400.00

Nov 2014                   2 Smoke Detect Comm Ctr                                                                  683.00

Dec 2014                   Computer/Monitor/2 yr anti virus for Library                                     561.00

Jan 2015                   2 Lights for Gym                                                                                 1,305.00

Jan 2015                   Carpet for Kids Room                                                                        1,681.00

July 2015                   Terminix                                                                                              7,308.00

Nov 2015                   Repair and replace gym roof                                                      51,080.00

Mar 2016                   TV & Mtg for work out room                                                                 394.64

Apr 2016                    Chair Caddy for Community Center                                                  423.36

May 2016                   New Security System/Access for Community Center                 4,331.00

June 2016                 Dehumidifiers for Community Center                                             779.96

June 2016                 River Rock for playground at the park                                              831.60

Jan 2017                   T.V.’s stage and kids room                                                                  605.96

Feb 2017                   3 new lights for the gym                                                                   1,634.41

June 2017                 Resurface the gym floor                                                                  1,662.83

September 2017                               Purchase Midwest Coop Prop.                             78,851.59

October 2017                                    Purchase Air/Heat Units Comm Ctr.                       5,500.00

November 2017                                3 New Gym Lights                                                     1,258.79

November 2017                                Electical for Air/Heat Units                                       1,627.73

April 2018                                          Treadmill, TRX Bands, Installation                         4,474.76

August 2018                                     Gazebo at the park                                                  14,935.63

December 2018                                4 Wheeler                                                                  7,956.00

December 2018                                Gym Furnace                                                            3,685.74

December 2018                                Legal Fee’s Quonset Property                               1,138.00

April 2019                                          Water Slide for BBQ for kids                                      309.84

August 2019                                     BF Const. for clearing property                           12,875.00

Total Spent to Date                                                                                                       $507,364.99








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What Do I Need To Know About Recovery Therapies?

Those who receive rehabilitation and therapy services are typically individuals recovering from an injury, a surgery or are coping with a chronic condition such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer’s disease.

When it comes to where therapy can be provided, several options exist. Individuals can arrange outpatient therapy by appointment in a gym, or for those who may not have access to transportation, therapists can provide sessions in the comfort of their home. Short-stay rehabilitation is also a great option for people who have recently had a hospital stay and need expert assistance from skilled nurses before successfully returning home. This quick stay provides convenient living accommodations with customized therapy sessions.

There are a few major therapy types available; all work together with the goal of getting a person back to their prior level of functioning:

  • ·Physical therapy—physical therapists, physical therapy aides and home health aides work to improve the individuals’ overall body function, focusing on balance, walking and moving about and muscle strength
  • ·Occupational therapy—occupational therapists help individuals improve self-care skills such as dressing, preparing food and even managing a checkbook
  • ·Speech therapy—speech/language pathologists work with individuals to improve communication, memory, cognition and swallowing

This health tip is brought to you by Tabitha, Your Answer for Senior Care in 28 Nebraska counties. To learn more, visit us at Tabitha.org, or call 800.487.3484 | 402.873.7047.

Nonprofit Tabitha is Nebraska’s industry-leading and quality award-winning Senior Care expert. Serving friends and neighbors for over 130 years and encompassing 28 Nebraska counties, Tabitha offers results-driven rehabilitation, accessible at-home health care, innovative living communities and compassionate hospice services. Tabitha is Your Answer for Senior Care, learn more at Tabitha.org.

Laura Lea Fossenbarger
Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator




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2017 03 30 CCMT 

Cornhusker Country Music Theater!

We now have a DANCE FLOOR right in front of the stage!
Put on your dancing shoes and come on over for a good time! If you don't want to dance, you can still enjoy the live music!

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, Oct 13 ~ 1:pm ~ CCMT Anniversary Jam (FREE) Bring your favorite instruments or singing voice!

Sunday, Oct 27 ~ 2 pm ~ Jamie Williams & Friends




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8-31   Nebraska vs South Alabama   WON 35-21

9-7   Colorado vs Nebraska   LOST 31-34

9-14   Nebraska vs Northern Illinois   WON 44-8

9-21   Illinois vs Nebraska   WON 42-38

9-28   Nebraska vs Ohio State   LOST 48-7

10-5   Nebraska vs Northwestern   WON 13-10

10-12   Minnesota vs Nebraska   LOST 34-7

10-19   Bye

10-26   Nebraska vs Indiana

11-2   Purdue vs Nebraska

11-9   Bye

11-16   Nebraska vs Wisconsin

11-23   Maryland vs Nebraska

11-29   Nebraska vs Iowa 

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