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Hope Santa finds your house OK! Where ever you may celebrate this season, please be safe in your travels. Wishing you the happiest of holidays from the Western Wilhelm Outpost!





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Continued thanks to these additional All Fund Drive donors: Mary Ann Wenninghoff, Alberta Block, Ron & Lori Vodicka, Nitty Gritty Gas & Thrift, Harvey & Maureen Vogt, Rod & Jeanette Wellsandt, Lois Johnson, Tom & Joni Hruby, Merl & Joan Harder, Dwayne Witt, Joyce Schulze, Kevin Knudson DBA Greenfield's Properties, Galen Crawford, TWH LLC, Tom & Dave Hall, Troy & Sabine Pabst, Randy & Jeanie Steinkuhler, and Danny Crownover. Do we live in a great community or what?



Continued get well wishes to Ed Reed and Dan Crownover, and those who have been ill. We have a triple threat with Covid, RSV, and the flu. Will it never end? Can you believe that after nearly 3 years, we're still losing folks to Covid?




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 Here you go Mom & Dad!

Norad Tracks Santa 2022


Grandma Harrington - - Ttwas the Night Before Christmas





Thank you to the Frank Schulze family for their generous donation to the Unadilla Cemetery. It is most appreciated.



Please note the Library will be closed Thursday, December 22, and Saturday, December 24.



More holiday lights:

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Home of Shirley Wilson


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South side of Main Street

photo: Bob Brandt




The Antics of Berdean the Unadilla Monkey

by Cub Reporter Bob Wilhelm

It was circa 1974 A.D. when a family in Unadilla came to be in possession of a monkey who was eventually named Berdean. The details of how Berdean arrived in Unadilla have been lost over the years and that just might be the best for all involved, although we are certain it was all above board and well within the wildlife import/export laws of the U.S. Government (insert winky face).  As far as we know Berdean was not descended from the spider monkeys of the famous 1800’s circus train robbery and derailment near Dunbar. This event, as I have reported on before, resulted in the escape of the circus spider monkeys.

The names of those associated with Berdean in this account have been changed to honor their privacy (especially with the recent hype over the Monkey Pox scare). The owners of Berdean we will call the Hauler family. Berdean was a lucky monkey who by all accounts was well cared for by the Haulers. He was fed and housed in a luxury building on their property and allowed to roam almost at will. As time went on Berdean proved to be very tame and friendly but extremely outgoing and inquisitive and was loved by all, except her namesake.  

The popularity of Berdean spread throughout the village and surrounding area like wildfire. She had become a celebrity to many. One young lad, we will call Angus, decided to take Berdean to his biology class at the Syracuse High School. The teacher, who wasn’t particularly fond of Unadilla kids surprisingly allowed Angus to bring Berdean into the classroom. Angus said that Berdean bounced around the classroom and jumped up on the lab sink at the head of the room next to an aquarium and grabbed a bag of fish food, tore the package open and devoured the contents much to the shock and awe of the students and Mr. happy with Unadilla kids’ teacher. Angus reported that Berdean scurried down the school stairways by sliding down with his hands/paws on the metal hand rails. Imagine that being allowed in schools today.

Another incident occurred at Angus’ house when his dad was washing up at the sink and Berdean, in a flash, jumped on his back, reached over his shoulder, grabbed the pack of cigarettes out of his bib overall chest pocket and started to eat the cigarettes. The startled defensive actions of Angus’ dad sent Berdean flying, unharmed, across the room. Kansas is not the only state that has claim to flying monkeys, my pretty!  Berdean’s welcome was wearing quite thin at Angus’ home. Perhaps her increasing disruptive behavior had less to do with being a monkey in a man’s world but more to impairment and actions created by substance addiction.

Angus fondly recalled that Berdean was quite fond of Hamm’s beer and only Hamm’s beer. They conducted several taste tests, non-scientific we suspect, in which the contents of various beers were placed in neutral containers. Berdean would throw the other brands on the floor and only drink from the container with Hamm’s in it. I certainly hope Berdean was of legal age though I suspect those conducting the taste tests were not.

Unadilla’s history is full of interesting stories and characters like Mars Ann Playfoot and Shorty Rose just to name a couple. We are fortunate to have been raised and lived in and near this village.  Viva la Groundhog!




On one of our drive abouts, we spotted this and other "tame" pheasants north of town. Looking for Santa?

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12-21   Chad & Jonna Pester, Bryce Wallen, Ben Kroese

12-24   Doni Stoner, Mary Ann Wenninghoff, Gavin Baker, Jerry Wallen

12-26   Rose Duncan, Lyndon Brehm

12-27   Maggie Lechner Wurtele




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Friday, 12-22-1922, The Otoe Union:

A.E. Bassett was repairing phones in West Russell. Stoner & Watts Grocery sponsored a writing contest, the prize being a 1 pound box of chocolates. "Gene, the little son of Mr. & Mrs. George West, was quite sick." A new grocery store opened in Syracuse. Herbert Cameron's had a new baby girl.




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Syracuse Thrift Store

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The Living Nativity Flyer 2022 495


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Each Living Nativity event has GREAT volunteers






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Lost in the first round of the Sweet 16





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8-27   NE vs Northwestern @Dublin, Ireland   LOST 28 - 31

9-3   NE vs North Dakota   WON 38 - 17

9-10   NE vs Georgia Southern   LOST 42-45

9-17   NE vs Oklahoma   LOST   14-49

10-1   NE vs Indiana   WON 35-21

10-7   NE at Rutgers   WON 14-13

10-15   NE at Purdue   LOST   37-43

10-29   NE vs Illinois   LOST  9 - 26

11-5   NE vs Minnesota   LOST  13 - 20

11-12   NE at Michigan   LOST 3 - 34

11-19   NE vs Wisconsin   LOST 14 - 15

11-23   NE at Iowa   WON 24 - 17






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