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Thanks to all those who helped with the Food Bank last Wednesday. 96 families were served. And let's not forget those folks who deliver Meals on Wheels Monday through Friday. Just a few of the many reasons we live in such a great community!



The minutes from the December Village Board meeting can be found by clicking the Village Office tab above. A new clerk has been hired and her name is Tiffany Portenier. There will be more on this and a photo next week.



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Continued get well wishes to Cindy Stanley, Dennis Baker, Sharon Demaree, and any others I may have missed.




Have you gotten your Groundhog shirts from Nitty Gritty yet? Have you voted for King and Queen yet? You can vote at Mal's or the Bank. Don't forget our great speaker!

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Many of you know we like to discover new and unusual places. Saturday we found a new beaver dam under construction and saw these trees in close proximity...pretty sure where they're going to end up at!

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The members of the Unadilla Volunteer Fire and Rescue would like to thank the residents of the District for their support during the 2022 year.  We experienced the same trend as the majority of Fire and Rescue departments statewide with a record breaking year.  We responded to a total of 69 calls with the following breakdown: 13 Fire calls, 2 vehicle crashes, 54 rescue calls.  This is almost double our usual responses.  This gives us about 1800 staff hours of time dealing with these emergencies.  We really need to have new members both for fire or rescue (nurses welcomed) as we have several members that are wishing to retire.  Once again, thanks for the support.




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1-11   Easton Doeden, Amy Bryan, Jase Boone

1-14   Mollie Aernie, Joshua Peterson

1-15   Mark Moerer

1-16   Wyatt Doeden, Sharon Demaree




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Friday, 1-12-1923, The Otoe Union:

Wilkens and Keithley were the publishers of "The Otoe Union". Charles Stedman was at Excelsior Springs, Missouri, "taking treatment for rheuamatism." Mr. & Mrs. Henry Miller, Sr., were the newest residents of Unadilla. In the Town Board proceedings, "Kenneth Russell, reading meters, $8.00 for the month; W.F. Taney, pulling street light switch, $12.00 for the month."



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Kristen & Brian Walters





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For All Your Sewing Needs: Specializing in Alterations and Custom Needs

Susan Royal



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A big and heart-felt THANK YOU comes from Mark and Sondra Buell from the 3B Homestead for the wonderful support, help, prayers, and participation in The Living Nativity 2022.  Exactly 150 people volunteered for this year’s event, using their talents to serve in a variety of ways:  storytelling, parking cars, serving cocoa, set-up, tear-down, greeters, musicians (vocalists, keyboard, church choirs, and bands), providing cookies, and caring for the animals.  Members of the Cass County Creative Cats 4-H Club provided poultry for the event. Besides the weekend public events, private events included a church, two assisted living facilities, four home-school associations, a youth group, and two drive-through events.  Thank you to all!  Visitors and guests came from seven states and two countries, tripling attendance from past years.  Even though some of the days were cold, hearts were warmed, animals were well loved, storytelling was enlightening, and The Real Reason of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, was celebrated! 



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Lost in the first round of the Sweet 16





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8-27   NE vs Northwestern @Dublin, Ireland   LOST 28 - 31

9-3   NE vs North Dakota   WON 38 - 17

9-10   NE vs Georgia Southern   LOST 42-45

9-17   NE vs Oklahoma   LOST   14-49

10-1   NE vs Indiana   WON 35-21

10-7   NE at Rutgers   WON 14-13

10-15   NE at Purdue   LOST   37-43

10-29   NE vs Illinois   LOST  9 - 26

11-5   NE vs Minnesota   LOST  13 - 20

11-12   NE at Michigan   LOST 3 - 34

11-19   NE vs Wisconsin   LOST 14 - 15

11-23   NE at Iowa   WON 24 - 17






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